Make Mine To Go – Rodarte for Starbucks

It is already one of the world’s most precious commodities, but now it’s getting even more fashionable

This Christmas, there will be only one way to show off your caffeine addiction, and that’s to get your hands on the all new Rodarte for Starbucks collection.

The Mulleavy sisters behind the Rodarte brand, have created a limited edition range of goodies for the coffee giants. The pixelatated collection includes mugs, cup sleeves, gift cards and tote bags.

All the items feature a grey, white and silver checkerboard pixelated pattern against a lime green background.

So, If you’re looking to add some style to your coffee run and you’re near a participating Starbucks, these items will be available from 13 November 2012.


Allison Scotsman
Allison Scotsman

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