Are you a boring shoe person?

This weekend I decided to re-organize and display my heels, and after two days of “closet-re-organizing” and getting all my shoezie-woozies together in one place, I realized that I’m a bit of a boring shoe person.

Sad but true! With the exception of my blue suede Steve Madden Trinite pumps, nearly every single pair of heels I own is either black, brown or beige. Hello boring! Now, bear in mind – I’m only talking about high heels here, I do have two pairs of slightly colorful wedges.

I love, love, love shoes – as if I need to emphasize this statement! If you’re a regular on StyleScoop then you’ll know just how shoe crazed I am, but when it comes to buying shoes, it’s clear that I’m definitely not a risk taker and definitely tend to stick to the basics.

I do have some “wow” pairs of shoes that still make my heart melt when I look at them, but even so, they are still either black, brown or nude.

It’s been ages since I’ve bought myself a new pair of shoes, and on my next little high heel splurge, I think it’s high time I adopted some colorful, edgier shoes to bring home to my shoe familia. Something like one of these amazing shoes I spotted on


Are you a boring shoe person? What colours dominate your shoe collection and how adventurous are you when it comes to colour?

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Dimi Ingle

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