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The past week has been an absolute scorcher and I’ve been spending many blissful hours outside by the pool, soaking up the sun and working on my tan! Thankfully I had a whole bunch of sun protection goodies from Piz Buin to review

I’ve always loved Piz Buin products; they all have a distinct, yet pleasant smell and the brand has been around since I can remember, so I trust them completely to keep me sun-smart safe.

Piz Buin Active Long Lasting Spray

This has got to be my favourite! I love aerosol sunscreens because I find them the easiest to apply, especially while you’re sitting on the beach, in the blistering heat. It has a non-greasy formula and is water and sweat resistant with a long lasting effect.

I also love the high pressure of the aerosol when spayed, because it comes out nice and cold! Great for cooling down in the heat and an incentivized way to keep applying more protection.

Piz Buin Tan Intensifier Spray

If you’re a sun worshiper, like me, then you’ll love this one. A protecting spray that has been made with tanning in mind. While it protects the skin with UVA and UVB, it’s also been created with Helioplex, which is Piz Buins’ sun filter technology, and enriched with a peptide called, Melitan, which naturally enhances the production of your skins own tanning pigment.

Genius! It’s like every bronzed beach babe’s dream come true and definitely a product that should be on your summer holiday list.

Piz Buin In Sun Ultra Light Sun Spray

Another great product for all day in the sun, is the ultra light sunscreen. The formula is very light and absorbs Into the skin without leaving a greasy layer of cream behind. I love that once applied, it has the same feel as the aerosol, in that there is no sticky residue.

The cream itself is very hydrating and is actually enriched with antioxidants that help with premature ageing! A great product for the beach or pool as its water resistant and the SPF 30 offers a high protection factor. Although you can find the same formula in other SPF’s, I just feel that 30 is a good in-between number, a little bit higher protecting which is always a good thing.

Piz Buin Active Long Lasting Lotion

If you’re a real outdoorsy kinda gal or if you’d rather be spending your time in the sun being active, rather than lazing around, then this one is for you!
A long lasting sun protection made for active peeps and tested on athletes. The formula is quite a bit thicker than any of the others I’ve featured today, but at the same time, offers longer lasting protection.

Because it has been made for active individuals, it absorbs into the skin and is water and sweat resistant.

Piz Buin In Sun Lipstick

A lovely product for your handbag, beach bag and makeup bag! Piz Buin’s In Sun Lipstick with SPF 20 is a great product to protect your pout this summer. It has a nice, light texture that gives your lips an almost matte glow and is so subtle, the Mr can use it too!

Do you use any products from Piz Buin? What are your faves?

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