Winter Is Coming! Net-A-Porter Knits Go on Sale Today

It’s hard keeping up with current fashion trends when the fashionable powers that be are going into summer and we’re stuck with winter. However if you are looking for some knitwear inspiration, we have found the answer…


{buy online} Loves Hillier Wool Bunny Sweater, Loves HIller Wool Bumblebee Sweater

Net-A-Porter is already a fashion mecca and now thanks to its limited edition knitwear collection, it is also the home of the best jumpers, sweaters and jerseys. German designer known for his knits, Markus Lupfer and Katie Hillier (accessory designer du jour) have collaborated on a special collection which includes both designer’s signatures; sequins and animal motifs

The Limited Edition Collection is called Markus Lupfer LOVES HILLIER


{buy online} Love Hiller Wool Bunny Sweater, Love Hiller Sequined Wool Squirrel Sweater

The five-piece collection goes on sale online from Monday 13 May. The sweaters all feature a Swarovski crystal brooch and adorable animals. The little lambs are especially cute.


{buy online} Love Hiller Sequined Wool Deer Sweater

So if you want to show how on-trend you are, don’t forget to visit Net-A-Porter today, after all winter is coming.

Images via Net-A-Porter

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