Dry Shampoo Never Smelt So Good

Batiste, which is the original dry shampoo from way back in the 70’s, have just launched two fabulous new scents… Dry shampoo never smelt so good!

Strut your stuff like a peacock with the new Paisley Batiste Dry Shampoo or get fruity with the new Cherry Batiste Dry Shampoo. Two delicious scents that will instantly refresh your hair, while making it smell fantastic!

Batiste is my favourite, in fact it’s the ultimate dry shampoo range! Besides being the original, they always come out with such yummy scents, good enough to eat! Check out some of their past “flavours” that have been featured on StyleScoop before.

Back to the new scents… of the two, the Fruity & Cheeky Cherry is my fave. It’s got a soft, summer, almost bubble gum scent with a hint of cherry and I also get a whiff of mint?! The Paisley is a little spicier and has a stronger scent if you’re into that sort of thing. While I do love my spicy perfumes, on my hair however, I prefer that it smell more “fresh” and girly.

If you happen to find yourself in a Clicks store, stop pass the Batiste range and give these two a sniff. The new scents are available right now, (exclusive to Clicks) and the good news is, that they seem to have come down in price! How often does that happen?!

When we featured Batiste back in January as part of our Summer Beauty Bytes, the 200ml bottle retailed for R69.99. These two new flavours are available at R59.99 each!

That kinda news has got to make your week!?


Batiste also make little miniature “emergency shower in your bag” versions of their Dry Shampoo. These little 50ml cans are great for your gym bag, handbag and especially your travel bag. for when you’re cruising the globe, the country or just enjoying a weekend getaway.

The mini Dry Shampoo offering is available in three scents; Tropical which is mix of exotic coconut, Blush which is fruity and floral, as well as the Original scent which is just your basic clean and classic dry shampoo.

These little cans retail at R34.99 and come in 50ml sizes. Also available exclusively at Clicks.


So cute! They fit perfectly in the palm of my hand…. and how great does the floral design go with my Shellac Polka Dotty nails?

Are you a Batiste girl? Comment below, let me know what scent is your fave.


Dimi Ingle

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