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Traveling is good! But when you’re crammed in an airplane (or bus for eight hours to Jozi – shew!) you absolutely, definitely don’t want to leave your earphones behind!

I once made the mistake of flying to Cape Town (it’s a two hour flight from Durban) and stupidly packed my earphones in my checked in luggage! I had this random dude tell me his entire life story – without leaving out a single detail, and all I could do was smile and nod my head! For TWO HOURS! Can you imagine?

Well, that day I swore never to travel without headphones again!

Not that I want to be rude, but seriously! It’s much easier to just slip on your headphones and enjoy something you actually want to listen to, during a long haul trip!


Now, for some serious head gear, that will not only block out Random Dude’s yadda yadda, but also look cool and give you crystal clear sound quality, you have to check out these Marshall Major Headphones – my new travel buddy!

You can read up on all the technical specs here as I doubt I’ll be able to cover all the amazing features, but I’ll try…

Marshall Major Headphones are retro, cool and so rock and roll. They come in either Pitch Black (like these) or White. Being a brunette, I found the black headphones to “blend” in better, but if you’re blonde, white would look amaze on you!

Think they are “too big and bulky to lug around”? Well think again! These babies have a fully collapsable design which allows you to “fold” and make them a lot smaller. I’ve photographed them below next to my iPhone (it’s the iPhone 4, so it’s not as tall as the 5), but you can see how much smaller they get!

You can also adjust the size to make the headphones sit comfy on your head, and also comfy for when your big headed BF wants to be cool like you!

The soft and very luxurious ear cushions are great! They are so comfy and so soft, you can listen to music all day! I happened to fall asleep with my headphones on in the plane, and they were not the least bit uncomfortable! They almost mould to your ear!

Other cool features of the Marshal Major Headphones is the built in microphone and remote. The remote gives you these options ; 1 click plays or pauses your music and answers/ declines calls, 2 clicks skips to the next track and 3 clicks goes back to the previous track. So you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the sound!

They are awesome, awesome, awesome and for R999, they are not badly priced at all for what you get! Even the packaging is exciting and retro cool!

Marshal Major Headphones are available at iStore’s nationwide for R999!

Wouldn’t this be a great gift for dad this Father’s Day?







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