ARMANI Eau Pour Homme – Fragrance Review


Since we’re having an all guys kinda week (with Father’s day around the corner), I thought it would be a perfect time to throw in a fragrance review for the guys!

Since I love a guy that smells good – and I’m sure most of you ladies would agree – learning about new and exciting fragrances for men can only help us (ladies) to in turn, help our men be more stylish!


ARMANI Eau Pour Homme is a fragrance that was first launched in 1984. In the words of Mr Giorgio Armani himself “I wanted to create a perfume which seduces the men beyond the generations and the years.”

29 years later, Giorgio Armani has achieved his goal! This year, Giorgio ARMANI Eau Pour Homme makes a comeback! The same gorgeous, masculine fragrance that was the first citrus chypre in 1984, hits the shelf with an updated box, a new bottle and a familiar Iconic face of the brand…. and who better to represent ARMANI than the very man himself Giorgio Armani!

This is the first time, ever, that Giorgio Armani has been part of the advertising campaign and communication for any of his fragrances.


Decoding ARMANI Eau Pour Homme

  • Top notes of Bergamot, Bitter Orange and Coriander
  • Heart notes of Nutmeg, Lavender and Neroli
  • Base notes of Pachouli, Cedar and Vertiver

Together with the “re-introduction” of ARMANI Eau Pour Homme, Giorgio Armani has also introduced a brand new fragrance, ARMANI Eau de Nuit in a glossy black box. The bottle looks exactly like that of Eau Pour Homme accept that it’s black, inspired by the legendary Armani Tuxedo.


ARMANI Eau De Nuit has more of an ambery woody intensity! It is very different to the original in that it has a sweet kick, but not too sweet to make it anything less than a masculine scent!

In my opinion, while I like both fragrances, ARMANI Eau Pour Homme is my favourite of the two! It’s classic, simple and a real manly-man’s scent. It’s spicy and aromatic and it’s got that “secret ingredient” that makes you want to stalk whoever is wearing it, just to get a whiff of his scent!

To me, ARMANI Eau Pour Homme is glossier and more vibrant – perfect for winter, while ARMANI Eau De Nuit is more of summer, fresh scent!

Price wise, both versions have the same price structure and are available in two size variants.

A 50ml bottle that retails for R769, and a 100ml bottle that retails for R1019.

Go give both of these a sniff, then come back and let me know which one you prefer!


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