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I must be living under a rock! I mean seriously, how long has it taken me to get my hands on Lou Harvey, the awesome brand of cute and eye catching bags?!


Last week, I accidentally discovered the Lou Harvey factory shop in Hillcrest. I was as excited as waiting for the Tooth Fairy!

I went to this kitchen supply store (I’m not even sure what it’s called), which I have been to many times before, looking for vases. I had some time to spare, so walked around. Then, BANG! Hello Lou Harvey!

It was like being trapped in a candy store! Full of colourful candy in all shapes and sizes! YUM! And like candy, I wanted every flavour, every style, every colour, every shape… everything! I think I may have spent at least an hour, just deciding on what I wanted! It was all so predddddy!

Now, as tough as the decision I was faced with was, they were having a sale, to make things harder for me. So there was no way I could walk out with just one item! Not that these bags are at all badly priced, but I’ve been trying very hard to save for our overseas trip next week.

I walked out with three gorgeous bags, and I have this sneaky suspicion that I’ll be going back for more! Feed the addiction! Give me candy!


I bought a small cosmetics bag in the Pixel Stripe print. This is one of Lou Harvey’s newer designs and I love it! It even looks like candy! The label logo on the newer styles is rubber (as opposed to the older styles, which are fabric) and I just loved the little rubber LH logo on the zip.

Then, the pink one with the cowboy on it, is actually a pencil case, but I’m going to use it as a makeup bag for our trip. That’s one of her older styles, and it was marked down to R70! Irresistible! The name of that print is Oliver Pink.

Then, the third item is the coolest. It’s the Julia Sofia  jewellery organizer. Again, perfect for packing my accessories when we go away! For R50 bucks, it was a serious score and I’ve been looking for something to store my accessories.

And here’s what’s on my Lou Harvey lust list!

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How beautiful is that beach bag on the right? Man, I want to take it on holiday with me so badly! The Peony print is gorgeous and I definitely need the matching iPad case too! Just think how cool I’d look on the beach, reading my mags on Zinio (or books on Kindle) with that iPad cover and the matching bag next to me. Tra-la-la.

The Lou Harvey Pixel Flower key ring is also pretty cute and can hold your driver’s license and credit card. Even some change for the car guard! And the supersize Pack Bag would be perfect for picnics in the park 🙂

I was pretty shocked to discover that Lou Harvey is a Durban designer (and brand)! I mean, we could’ve practically been neighbours! Ok, not quite, but you catch my drift!

Her range of bags has been around since 2002 and they are all made right here in South Africa. Lou Harvey makes her bags using her signature fabrics that have been laminated to ensure longevity and give these bags their unique Lou Harvey signature.

Here’s where you can indulge in more Lou Harvey Eye Candy!

If you want to check out the factory store in Hillcrest, the addy is 7 Builders Way.

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