ON BOARD! Beauty Products To Keep In Your Carry-On

I have a confession to make! I’m an over-packer, and I tend to haul hundreds of things with me on holiday. You know, for those “just in case” moments!

But I’m getting smarter! This time when I fly (holiday time again, yay!), I’ve carefully thought out what beauty products to bring with me on the plane. I’ve narrowed it down to eight travel beauty essentials that don’t take up too much space, and will help me look fresh and wide awake when I step off the plane.

On Board Beauty Travel Essentials

Giovanni D:tox

I received this awesome pack of travel-sized skin-care products from Giovanni. The D:Tox kit includes a Purifying Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Replenishing Facial Moisturizer and a Purifying Facial Mask, all nicely packaged in a TSA compliant clear bag. That way I can just hop on a plane and not worry about airport officials emptying out my luggage (embarrassing).

I probably wont use the mask and scrub on the plane (that could be kinda scary!), but I will probably end up using the cleanser and moisturizer. Either way, the pack is small enough to haul and I can feel better, you know “just in case”! Like Just in Case we end up being stranded in Dubai for a day!

Kleenex Hand Sanitising Moist Wipes

I always keep a pack of wet wipes in my handbag and I love these mini wet wipes packs that you can just throw in your travel bag. They are soft and I like the way they make my hands feel afterwards. They don’t dry them out.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

A great product to use just before you fall asleep on the plane. You can rest assured you’ll wake up with bright eyes. I’ll definitely be using this product under my fluffy pink eye mask while I’m catching some zzz’s.

Dermalogica Ultra Soothing Eye Serum

Another great eye product for travel. Ideal for adding moisture back into the eye area and allowing your eyes to look fresh! Remember the dry air in the plane tends to dehydrate your skin. What I like about this eye serum is that the formula doesn’t slip or glide and you can apply it over your makeup, without making your makeup move.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Mini

These miniature dry shampoo cans from Batiste are great for your travel bag. They don’t take up too much space and offer the perfect quick fix for messy hair.

Stila Convertible Lip & Cheek Colour

I love these blushers/ lip glosses from Stila. They are super compact and work to give your cheeks some colour. I also love the fact that they double as lip gloss, so you really only need one product. And, they have a little mirror inside the compact, so you can keep your face in check!

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

I know I’ve already mentioned the hand sanitizing wipes, but it’s also nice to have a “fresh” feeling hand sanitizer. These little Dettol ones are great and besides giving your hands a nice, good clean, they also protect against 99.9% of germs!


I never leave home without it! I like to keep a tin of Zam-Buk with me which works for so many things, including skin irritations, burns (you never know) and I love it to help moisturize my lips.

When I travel overseas, I also always carry with me a collapsable hair brush, my toothbrush and a mini toothpaste as well as a small can of deodorant, sample sized perfume, hand-cream and dental floss (or those dental floss stick thingies)!

What beauty products do you travel with? What am I missing?


Dimi Ingle

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