Prime Suspects! 8 Tried, Tested and Loved Face Primers

Face primers are a great way to extend the longevity of your makeup and give you a more flawless face to work with.

There are tons of Face primers on the market, some really expensive, but some really well priced ones too!

I picked out eight of my current faves… here they are, tried, tested and loved!

Primers! Tried, Tested and LOVED

Stila Hydrating Primer

I was hooked on this primer the moment it touched my skin! It’s soft and leaves my skin perfectly prepped for foundation application. Its got a lovely smell that isn’t overpowering, and great to use on pretty much all skin types!

Although it’s a “hydrating” primer, it doesn’t add any greasy or oily residue on your skin because it’s oil free! It gives my skin a glowing complexion and its also got an SPF of 30 with broad spectrum UVA and UVB, so you don’t need to apply a third layer of sunscreen to your face.

Price: R320/ 50ml
Works out to R6.40 per ml

Filorga Deep Fill

This product is meant for concealing wrinkles and works as a “wrinkle plaster” to get into those nasty lines and fill them up. It does this by drawing moisture into the skin, helping to plump it up. Besides being great for wrinkles, this product works wonders as a primer too – a little goes a long way!

I love to use it on my eyes, as I have quite greasy eye lids and my makeup usually doesn’t “stick” to the skin very well. I found that, dabbing a bit of Filorga Deep Fill onto my eye lids and smoothing it over the skin, helped keep my eye-makeup locked in place all day.

I also like to use it on the sides of my nose, as that area also tends to get quite greasy. It smoothes out the lines and leaves my skin looking younger and more radiant.

It’s quite pricey, so I only use it where I really need it on my skin, but a little goes a long way and it’s definitely worth the splurge!

Price: R625/ 10ml
Works out to R62.50 per ml

Filorga Meso-Mask

This one is not technically a primer, but a great double duty product that can also be used as a primer on your skin. Filorga Meso-Mask is an anti-wrinkle and lightening mask, and its job is to brighten the skin. Usually, you’d apply the product on your face as a mask, leave it on for 15-30 minutes and then rinse it off and apply your night cream.

The ladies at Filorga South Africa informed me that a “light veil” of Meso-Mask can also be used as a primer. So naturally, I tried it out and loved the effect.

I thought it would feel all “maskey” and make my skin tight, but it didn’t. It just helped to give the skin a nice smooth surface, which my makeup loved. I also loved knowing that my skin was being treated while I was wearing makeup.

Price: R585/ 50ml
Works out to R11.70 per ml

Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer

This primer has a slightly purple tinge that is great for balancing out your skin tone, while the luxurious texture gets your skin primed and ready for makeup. Although it doesn’t completely cover my dark spots, it definitely helped to even out my skin tone and make patchy areas less visible.

I tend to suffer with oiliness in my T-Zone area, and this primer worked great at keeping that under control! Its lightweight forumla is packed with antioxidants and Vitamins A and E, great for brightening dull skin without making it appear greasy.

Price: R355/ 30ml
Works out to R11.83 per ml

Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer

I’d like to thank Candice from In My Bag for introducing me to this concealer/ eye primer/ awesome product!  I read about it on her blog and had to get my hands on it! Although not technically a primer, I use it as a primer for my eye area and a concealer for under my eyes and I love it!

Before makeup application, I like to use it over my eye lid area (which I mentioned gets a little oily) and then also under my eyes as a concealer after makeup application.

It comes in a great pump-action mini bottle (ideal for travel), which dispenses just the right amount to use on both eyes. It helps to camouflage any dark areas under the eyes and softens fine lines around the eye area, while at the same time working as a powerful anti-aging product.

When I use this product as an eye primer, I found that it holds my makeup much longer and I have virtually no crease lines – the easiest way to determine if you have oily eye lids. It has also got a broad spectrum UVA and UVB, non chemical SPF 35.

Things I like about this product is the quick drying time, how it doesn’t slide on my skin and that the one shade it comes in, is suitable for most skin tones.

Price: R675 for 9 grams
Works out to R75 per gram

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bobbi Brown Face Base (as a primer) and this product reminds me a lot of that! It’s slightly more watery than the Stila Hydrating Primer, so I often use this instead of a moisturizer, and it works great as a primer to prep my skin.

It hydrates the skin and steadily releases moisture, skin conditioners and nutrients throughout the day. The result, a beautiful, glowing (but not oily) made up face that lasts for hours!

Price: R595/ 50ml
Works out to R11.90 per ml

GOSH Anti-Wrinkle Foundation Primer

Another great primer, that works wonders is GOSH Anti-Wrinkle Foundation Primer. Its got Matrixyl 3000, an active ingredient that boosts collagen fibers and the natural elasticity of your skin.

It’s a silicone based formula that blends beautifully, giving you a non-greasy layer and a great clean and smooth canvas for your foundation application. My makeup lasted for hours and looked flawless.

Price: R220/ 30ml
Works out to R7.33 per ml

Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer

This primer is super light and the soft pink shade helps to even out  skin tone and reduce redness. Although it didn’t help with evening out dark spots (the Smashbox one was slightly better in this department), it did a great job at blurring out redness on my cheeks.

The formula goes on pink, but fades into an invisible vale, creating a smooth surface to work with.

Price: R189/27ml
Works out to R7 per ml

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