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iGrill | Gadget | Review on www.stylescoopmag.com

Honey I overcooked the meat!

Heard that before? We’ll I haven’t, but I do recall saying it myself numerous times!

I like my steak medium-well, while hubby prefers his medium-rare (opposites really do attract). To add to that, my hubby is nearly double my weight, so his steak is always way bigger. As you can imagine, trying to perfect the cooking of our steaks, while ensuring that they are both ready at the same time has been tricky.

Some days I ace it, but some days, not so much!

Since being introduced to the iGrill, my new toy thanks to the iStore (who sent me one to review), all my meat cooking problems are now solved! I can perfect both our steaks, just the way we like em – opposite!

iGrill | Gadget | Review on www.stylescoopmag.com

The iGrill is the first grilling and cooking thermometer compatible with your Apple or Android device. It allows you to monitor the cooking temperature of your meat in order to perfect your meals.

The iGrill is great for days when you have friends over. You can socialize while your meat is cooking. Once it’s ready, it will notify you (on your device). Just stick the probes into the meat, set your desired cooking preference and when it’s ready it will let you know. It even sings for you or has a sizzle sound.

It’s Bluetooth enabled within a 200ft range. The extra long cords make it ideal for braai’s or roast chicken. But, if you’re cooking for two, you can use it to monitor the cooking temperature of your individual steaks, by setting each probe to the desired temperature. You can even play with the settings and name your probes so that you know whose steak is whose.

Cool hey!

To get your hands on one of these nifty gadgets, check them out at the iStore. They are available at iStore outlets nationwide and price wise, you’re looking at R1299.

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