Anatomy of Sunglasses

Pay attention kids, today’s lesson is all about the Anatomy of Sunglasses…

Do you refer to the bits and pieces that make up glasses or sunglasses using all the wrong terms? I remember once referring to the temples as “arms” and I got the strangest look! Has this happened to you?

A couple of weeks ago, Luxottica posted a Facebook update, illustrating the “anatomy of glasses“. I loved this, and being a freak for sunglasses, I wanted to do my own, StyleScoop version using my new Aviators, baby!

Anatomy of Sunglasses | Via

If you’re fellow sunglass freak like me, you should at least know the proper terminology when talking about sunglasses. That way we can all understand each other and sound as larney as we look in our shades 🙂

Versace Aviator Sunglasses |

So these are my new VERSACE Aviator sunglasses. Remember I spoke about how much I was lusting after these shades after they stole my heart at the Luxottica Day back in April? Well, they are now mine baby!

And I love everything about them!

These are also my first pair of Polarized lenses. Now, I can totally understand why my husband insisted on getting Polarized Oakleys as opposed to the normal ones! It makes such it a difference, especially when driving.

Versace Aviator Sunglasses |

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