Living Le Good Life in Louboutins


I have wanted a pair of Louboutins for the longest time!

I’ve had an abnormal fixation with them since the first time I saw them – the little red sole just speaks to my soul! It always has and it always will.

Sadly for me, Louboutins on a bloggers budget… exactly not likely to happen!

But oh, it did!

Thanks to J.C Le Roux!

To launch their pink La Fleurette Non-Alcoholic bubbly, J.C Le Roux sent me as well as ten other bloggers, a press pack that came with a challenge… to create a post that would express how we’d live #LeGoodLife. The prize… a pair of Louboutins that we’d get to pick out (within a certain price range).

I knew I had to win! I had to! I had to! I had to!

And, luckily for me I did!

When I submitted my entry I was holding thumbs and praying to the red-sole-shoe-gods every night, because all the blogs that were created were amazing!

When I got the message to say that I had won, I literally screamed like a wile animal!

We were out in the bush on a little African getaway – with no cellphone reception for three days! The same week that J.C Le Roux was announcing the winner. So, every time we went out on a game drive, I had my cellphone up in the air praying for signal – which I never got.

As soon as we got back to civilization, in other words within cellphone range, I turned on my phone and there it was!

@StyleScoop Congrats on winning the La Fleurette Non-alcoholic blogger comp! You have won a pair of Louboutins & a case of Scintilla! :)”


Last week, I received my gorgeous Christian Louboutin 140mm Bianca Double-Platform Pumps in nude calfskin patent leather. I also learnt every single Louboutin style and could probably tell you exactly what everyone on the internet has said about each of the styles 😛

Picking one was not easy, since there are a few Loubies that have caught my eye.

But the Bianca platforms I had tried on at the Christian Louboutin store in Dubai, so I knew they’d fit. Plus I love them!

Instead of going for classic black, I picked the nude patent pumps simply because I just think I’ll get more wear out of them. The black are gorgeous (and I still want them), but I feel like they may be to “dressy” for Durban. All my black heels get very little wear these days.

So, see dreams can and do come true! You just have to work at them, get your hubby to work for them, or in my case, bake a little a lot and get your inspiration from a glass of J.C Le Roux Non-Alcoholic La Fleurette.









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