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A lot of you have been asking for an “updated” version of my closet room, and I’ve been promising one for ages!

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Well kids, today is the day…. So why don’t you step inside my updated closet room…

To give you the really quick version; we turned one of the spare bedrooms in our house into a closet room. My old setup (from nearly three years ago) became a little too cluttered for my liking. I have since changed it to make everything still accessible, but much neater and prettier.

I’ve also slowly added bits and pieces, like my fluffy white carpet, dresser stool and my chandelier (which unfortunately isn’t visible in any of my pics – grrr!)

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Ok, so on the one side of the wall (opposite the window), I have my dresser and shoe shelf. Both of these were old pieces of furniture that I just revamped by painting them white.

If you’re looking for THE BEST white wood paint, I highly recommend Dulux Pearl Glo. Make sure you give it a coat of primer first!

My dresser, or vanity table – which ever you prefer is quite a nifty setup. There is quite a lot to show and tell, so I think I’ll do a post on it next week with all the details. Don’t you love my DIY Chanel Wall Art?

Updated: Click here to view my new vanity and makeup setup

The shoe shelf, which was formerly a bookshelf, was actually horrible and it’s amazing what a difference a bit of paint did to transform it.

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I kept some of the wooden shelves that came standard in the bookshelf, and then had glass ones cut to size to fill the spaces and give me more space to store my shoes.

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I mostly keep heels in the shelf, with a few pairs of flats piled on top of one another. Then, I keep flip flops and odd sandals in the two baskets on the right.

At the top of the shelf, are two everyday handbags that I use.

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The bottom shelf is for all my boots…

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This is what my closet room looks like from the other side. You’ll see how I’ve joined my three “closet setups” and removed the fourth one that I had in the old version. I used the shelf from the spare one to create another hanging rail under my shirts.

So, I keep my jackets, waistcoats and jeans in the first rack. I have a little cupboard there with all my perfumes, and my ankle boots next to that.

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I hang my jeans like this on wooden hangers. That way I can see the cut straight away.

In the middle rack, I keep all my tops at the top and shorts and skirts at the bottom. There is also some space for me to fold my skinny jeans and pants, and right at the bottom I keep my sandals.

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I hang my tops on these amazing velvet hangers, which keeps them nice and tidy and best of all, they don’t tangle!

They are quite expensive, at R100 for 8 hangers, so I’ve slowly bought more and more as I need. I still need another pack or two to be finished off nicely.

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I store my sandals like this, keeping the right foot forward and the left shoe behind it. This way I can see them all quickly.

In the last rack, I keep my denim shirts, short dresses and then long dresses. I keep my rain boots under here to fill the space and in the drawers at the bottom (which I pulled out from my dressing table), I keep costumes in one and hair products in the other.

The white mirror holds all my jewellery and I absolutely love it! It’s so much more organised than any previous storage system I had, and best of all, I can lock it.

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On either side of the jewellery cupboard, I keep my crossbody bags.


At the top of the first rack, I keep my bigger bags and clutch purses next to them.

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stylescoop-closet-14-display-necklacesOpposite my dressing table/ shoe shelf, I have a clothes horse that stands in front of the window. I use her to keep my bigger neck pieces.

StyleScoop Closet Tour! More on www.stylescoop.meOn the bottom half of the clothes horse, I store my skinny belts and belts that I wear the most.

StyleScoop Closet Tour! More on www.stylescoop.meAnd, lastly, I store my scarves behind the door like this. I used to keep them inside the cupboard (which is opposite the three rails), but they were getting very cluttered and this way is much better. Plus I can grab a scarf on the way out – perfect.

Well, whew! That’s it.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and hopefully it gave you some storage ideas that you can use. Remember to have a look at my previous setup, and stay tuned for my little tour on my vanity setup next week!

Happy Friday






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