And The Bride Wore…

Most of us girls have dreamed about our wedding. The groom, the ceremony, the first dance and most importantly the dress. And Miss Piggy is no different than the rest of us.

Now that’s she finally tying the knot with her beloved Kermit in the latest Muppets’ movie, she’s going all out for her special day.


Following in the stylish footsteps of Dita Von Teese and Carrie Bradshaw, Miss Piggy will be marrying her true love in a Vivienne Westwood gown.

The ceremony set in the Muppets Most Wanted film will take place at the Tower of London and features a customised gown from the British designer.

The ivory dress features a corset and trimmings made from recycled bottles and finished off with an ivory veil. To complete her couture outing, Westwood has also provided a houndstooth coat with matching beret and a lace gown for Miss Piggy.

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