Dresser Details! How I store my Makeup

I love my new vanity setup! A huge change from my previous setup and makeup storage.

As a (part) beauty blogger (part fashion and lifestyle blogger), I love makeup, but I also like to use makeup (not just shove it away), so I get a little OTT with storage and organization.

One of the reasons that I wanted to change my closet room, was because my cluttered dresser was a bit of an eye sore. I was after a sleek, clean and simple space, but one that was also functional in terms of getting ready. 

My refreshed space is so much prettier, and it just makes me smile every day!

My dresser

My little trash to treasure conversion! After I changed my closet room, I needed a table for my vanity, so I used hubby’s old student desk as a temporary solution. It was kinda boring, bland pine wood with those horrible round wooden knobs (ya, you know what I’m talking about). But hey, it was better than nothing.

I made a few adjustments by removing the three bottom draws (leaving only the top one), so that I could fit my Acrylic Makeup Organizer “into” the desk! It was a perfect fit!

I actually loved this desk, so instead of trashing it, I sanded it down, painted it white, and finished off the top with the mirror pieces from my old dresser. I also replaced the drawer handle with a much prettier one.

Dresser Details & Makeup Storage! Full tour on www.stylescoop.me

And that’s pretty much what it looks like.

I have everything super organized because I’m obsessed like that! I screwed cup cooks under the table to hang my hair tools and, yes, that is a crimper from the 90’s, and no I haven’t used it in ages! 🙂

Dresser Details & Makeup Storage! Full tour on www.stylescoop.me

On my dresser top, I keep things that I use daily. I keep my makeup brushes in these pretty ceramic white holders. One for face brushes and one for blending and eye brushes.

In the satin bust, I keep all my eyebrow brushes and liquid liner brushes. It’s very special to me since it was actually the favour we had for our guests at our wedding, and I think it matches the room nicely.

In the glass Consol Preserve Jar, which I prettified with a Chanel ribbon, I keep eye pencils and mascaras. And in the skinnier white holder, I have my lip liners and the odd lip brush.

I store random odds (mostly accessories) in the little mirror drawers, and on top of them, I have a few perfumes that I am loving at the moment and things a girl just needs… deodorant, body lotion, nailpolish.

Dresser Details & Makeup Storage! Full tour on www.stylescoop.me

My Makeup Storage

Now onto the fun stuff, my makeup storage…

In the top drawer, I keep my palettes in a dvd liner that I cut to fit. Next to it, a tray with “hair goodies”. I de-potted about 90% of my eye shadows and organized them into magnetic Z-Palette’s a while ago, making it easier to store, find and use them.

The palette that is facing the other way is my Japonesque lip palette. So, yes, I destroyed a whole lot of my lipsticks too – but at least I use every colour :). This palette holds 36 shades, so for the lippies that I like but don’t have space for, I keep them in that crystal sweet jar on the top of of my dresser.

Dresser Details & Makeup Storage! Full tour on www.stylescoop.me

As for the rest of my makeup, all of it fits nicely and neatly in my beautiful 27Pinkx Acrylic Makeup Organizer.

I didn’t take pics of every drawer, but I keep foundations at the top, my Chanel palettes, MAC mineralize shadoes, cream shadows and liquid liners in the first drawer. The second is for all my lip glosses and a few lipsticks, the third one is for blushers, bronzers and highlighers, and in the bottom one I keep face powders, concealers, tools (like lash curlers, sharpeners, tweezers), brow products and more mascaras, as well as my beauty blenders.

27Pinkx Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Here’s an over-all look of the setup… My happy place!

What do you think?

PS! Be sure to check out my updated Closet Room post for some tricks and tips on how to store you clothing.

Dimi Ingle
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