Double Cleanse

Filorga Skin Perfusion Huile Demaquillante Cleansing

Blogging for five years (going on six) has taught me many things. One being, that no matter how expensive or how amazing the makeup, if your skin looks like crap, well, your makeup probably will too!

Thankfully we live in an era where skincare-skincare-skincare has been drummed into our brains, much like that annoying “next customer please” announcement at Woolies. (You did the voice didn’t you?!).

Moral of the story… Invest in good skincare, and take that extra step!

One of my all time fave skincare brands, and the skincare I prefer to use on my skin, is Filorga. Every product these guys launch has made me love the brand even more. And now I have a new love since I got to sample their amazing new, Skin Perfusion Cleansing Oil.

The Perfusion range has been designed to “take the salon home” if you will. So, you know those “awesome products” you get treated to at salon? Well, that’s basically Perfusion – A salon treat at home!

Filorga Skin Perfusion Huile Demaquillante Cleansing Oil|

Skin Perfusion Cleansing Oil is an oil cleanser that you apply to dry skin, and then, when you add water it turns into a deep cleansing product. It works beautifully, but since I often do crazy eyes with a ton of makeup or liquid lines, I use Skin Perfusion Cleansing Oil first (as a super effective makeup lifter), and then my marvellous Filorga Foaming Cleanser after.

Double Cleanse!?

Cleansing your skin before cleansing your skin? YES! This is not something you think you should do, but trust me when I say, you should! I used to remove makeup with just your average makeup remover, and rubbed my eyes so badly that my vision would blur for a little while after. Even though I had removed makeup with “makeup remover”, when I washed my face, my face cloth was still full of makeup?!

Now, I apply a pump of Skin Perfusion Cleansing Oil to my skin at night, work off all that makeup gently, rinse it off and then wash my face with Filorga Foaming Cleanser. In the morning, depending on what I feel like, I use either one of these cleansers on their own.

Pretty nifty!

Skin Perfusion Cleansing Oil, as well as other amazing products in the Skin Perfusion range (which I will hopefully get to sample) are only available for purchase at skincare clinics or doctors. Get in touch with Filorga via their website, or call them on 012 567 1059 to find out where you can purchase in your area.

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