Happy Fragrance Friday!

Today, I wanted to share a new launch that hit the shelves this just week.

Although in South Africa we’re preparing for winter, the northern hemisphere is welcoming the fresh blooms of spring. And since we follow in the designer footsteps of Europe and the US, the latest spring launches, happening there right now are accessible to us here too.

Like this fragrance! Issey Miyake‘s fresh new spring scent, Pleats Please L’Eau. Pleats Please L’Eau is a fresh take on the original Pleats Please fragrance that was launched in South Africa last year. The designer is obsessed with pleats, which can be seen on nearly all his collection, so it’s no wonder his fragrance should share the same style.

To create this version, Aurélien Guichard, the original creator of Pleats Please Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, embarked on an adventure by working around one watchword: “ethereal freshness.” A breath of lightness and a burst of flowers come to rest on L’Eau, which translates to “water”.

The scent is sparkly, fruity, floral and full of playfulness. I have never not liked anything from Issey Miyake, so I am really not surprised that I do like this scent too. Ironically for someone who isn’t too fond of “floral” scents, either I am getting older (and wanting to feel younger), or floral scents have just come a long way from the overpowering scent that used to be associated with them.

Pleats Please L’Eau is light and joyful. It’s a bright, fresh scent that makes me long for summer walks in a beautiful garden.

The bottle is also really pretty too, even the lid resembles a flower.



Look out for Issey Miyake Pleats Please L’Eau in stores now. It is available in the following size variations: 100ml (R985), 50ml (R645) and 30ml (R470).



Dimi Ingle

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