nostalgiaSo, I’m giving away my age here, but anyway…

About 17 or so years ago (eek), I used to rock one pair of shoes and one pair only. Can you guess?

Dr Martens!

Back in the day, we used to call them “Docs”, and I’m pretty sure that nickname still applies! We also used to refer to the styles as “eight ups”, “ten ups” or “fourteen ups” – do you remember that?

It was a loooong time ago, but I can also remember that you had very few options (in SA at least); black or oxblood.

My first pair of Docs (thinking about them saddens me), was a beautiful pair of black ten ups that were a rare find. I absolutely lived in these shoes, and despite wearing them like every day, they still looked pretty cool. I wore them with everything!

I loaned them to a friend, who decided to keep them and insisted that I had never loaned them to her.

Well, I might have been young and stupid, but not stupid enough to not notice them on her feet a few days later. Beee-aaaa-ch!

This taught me two things!

1) Never, ever lend something to anyone, unless you don’t want it anymore and
2) Don’t hang around with people who steal your shoes! They are just not cool!

I was heartbroken as you can imagine. So heartbroken in fact, that when another, this time a real friend of mine was selling her pair of eight up oxblood Dr Martens, I bought them. I know, second hand shoes, but I couldn’t afford a new pair on my waitress salary!

They were a size (maybe even two) too big, but I didn’t care and wore them anyway!

In fact! I think I still have these “golden oldies” somewhere in storage! I really hope that they will make an appearance when we start packing for our move to the big city!

I’m excited to find them, but terrified that years of being cooped up in a box with this lovely Durban humidity has destroyed them. I have seen bad, bad things happen to good shoes in Durban.

So what’s the point of my whole story?

Well, I recently learnt that Dr Martens will be coming to South Africa – in a big way – thanks to Edgars!


When I got the announcement I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgia coming on.

So my dear readers, if you’re wanting to be uber trendy like the rest of the fashion fab (bloggers around the world), don’t be  swayed by those nasty knockoff’s popping up all over the place (I’ve spotted two already). Wait a little while for the real deal to arrive and I promise, it will be worth the wait!

Why the real thing?

Well, who want’s fakes anyway? The other thing to keep in mind with going for the original is that Dr Martens are beyond comfortable, and make your feet really happy! Plus they have bouncy soles that go beyond adding character and style to the shoe.

Doc’s were originally developed during World War II by army doctor, Dr Klaus Maertens, who created the first boot after injuring his foot in a skiing accident. His creation included air cushioned soles, which today, make these boots famous.

The other nice thing about Dr Martens re-launching in SA, is that the styles will blow your mind. Pretty much any colour under the sun, plus some really cool and funky designs.

Are you excited?

Dr Martens will soon be available (this year I am told) at selected Edgars stores, but there will also be a super cool, stand alone Dr Martens store opening too! I don’t have the full scoop yet, but I’m guessing Joburg…

As soon as I get more details, you’ll be the first to know!

So tell me, were you a former Dr Martens mad shoe addict? Would you wear these shoes again? Tell me your stories in the comments below – would love to read them!

Dimi Ingle

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