Ohh Baby Baby! Maybelline Babylips… BABY

I am OBSESSED with these gorgeous lip balms from Maybelline!


I had seen them on nearly every fashion and beauty gal that matters’ Instagram feed, and wasn’t that excited, until I actually tried them!

Now there is no separating us…BABY




I know lip balm isn’t exactly the latest development in the beauty biz (now if it was a BB lip cream, hmmm), but I can totally understand what all the fuss is about!

Maybelline Babylips come in six options and I absolutely luuuurve the packaging! It’s so fun!

Three of them; Cherry Me (orange packaging), Pink Punch (pink packaging) and Peach Kiss (purple packaging) offer a gorgeous tint (that fills the lips fabulously), while the other three; Hydrate (blue packaging), Mint Fresh (green packaging) and Intense Care (yellow packaging) offer clear lip balm protection to suit your lip requirements needs.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait to try out Pink Punch before I got a change to photograph all of them together – so yes, I know, its used in the photo! But, I’m telling you, it was calling my name!

And I haven’t been able to put it down since!

I’m a huge (huge, mega, massive) fan of MAC Saint Germain Lipstick. If you know the shade, you also know it’s like  a super HOT, almost lumo pink! Well, I think I finally found the perfect lip balm to “touch it up” in Pink Punch!

MAC Saint Germain is super pigmented and the PINK lasts for a really long time, but since it’s matt, after a while my lips start looking a little sad. Pink Punch just gives them at extra “hello pretty”!

I do love Pink Punch on it’s own, because it’s got a wonderful tint, so it lives permanently in my hand bag!

Got to say I also love the other two tinted options; Peach Kiss, which is a lovely nude tone and Cherry Me, a more reddish pink – with an amazing scent of cherries! 


Hydrate and Intense Care are ok if you prefer clear lipbalm that just makes your lips healthier, but Mint Fresh is a real winner!

It’s colourless, but has the most amazing minty fresh smell.

I just can’t get enough!

Could it because they are made in France! And we all know the French know a thing or two about kissable lips!

Hello French Kiss!

Anyhoo, look out for these Baby Babies retailing at R24.95 a pop!

I say, get them all! Or you’ll be sorry you didn’t!



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  1. Mary
    April 3, 2014 / 9:47 pm

    They look good enough to eat! Nice and fresh!

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