Essie – New Winter Nail Colours


Get ready to swoon as the new Essie Winter Nail Colour Collection hits the shelf!

We’ve got the inside scoop on the latest colours, as well as the story behind their creation. PLUS find out which shade is my favourite from the six…

essie-shearling-darlingShearling Darling is a beautiful, deep maroon shade that inspired Essie (Creator of Essie Nail polish) after a trip to Aspen.

Cuddled up by the fire, in the heart of the rocky mountains, with apple cider and delicious freshly baked red velvet cupcakes set Essie’s tastebuds on overdrive. This warm and fuzzy experience led her imagination to create this warm, rich shade of nail polish!

essie-warm-and-toasty-turtleneckAfter her Aspen trip, Essie and her husband stopped off at a Winter Lodge Spa in the mountains. This retreat featured therapeutic hot springs along with endless pampering. Ohhh, can you imagine?!

Essie says “there is nothing quite like being warm and toasty indoors, watching the snow fall over a breathtaking mountain landscape outside”

The winter sky, with it’s soft colours and sun setting low on the horizon was the inspiration for Essie to create this colour, Warm and Toasty Turtleneck, which is in essence a toast to winter fun and pampering.


Inspired by the “rich and sparkly deep crimson that pops up everywhere around Christmastime”, Toggle To The Top is a warm, cheerful colour that recreates the holiday warmth and cheer.

“The bouquets of breathtaking American Beauty roses I arrange around the house for the occasion highlight the festive atmosphere reminding me of the beautiful scarlet… Christmas lights that illuminate the tree branches along Madison Avenue… Of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without the subtlest of sparkle, especially amidst the brilliance of New York City over the holidays.



Parka Perfect is a gorgeous, pastel teal that was inspired by Essie’s teal coloured Moncler Parka.
She wore this Parka on an “unexpected winter adventure” – her first snowmobile ride, which she describes as “almost exactly as being back on my jet skis”.


For this shade, Sable Collar, Essie was inspired by a gorgeous and very friendly horse, that took her on a “horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow”.

“The horse sported the most beautiful coat” she said. “It glimmered in the sunlight, reflected off the bright snow. It was a sight and shade to be hold and one worthy of my winter collection”.


Last up in this collection Mind Your Mittens. Inspired by the frozen fountains in Bryant Park, snowy bare branches all around town and watching ice skaters in Rockefeller Center. Essie describes these as “classic winter visuals” that she loves to experience every year.

Essie says that “even on the coldest of days, I don my cashmere knit mittens and stroll along, taking the magic of the city all in”.

She says that there is something mesmerising in the way the sunlight pierces through the icicles that hang off the rocks overhead in Central Park, leaving a kaleidoscope of light on the path in front of her.

After reading all of this, I don’t know about you gals, but I wish I could experience a truly New York winter!

Doesn’t it sound divine?!

Well, at least we can get a little taste of it through this gorgeous collection of Essie nail colours.

Of the six shades in this collection, I got to sample Shearling Darling (my absolute fave), Parka Perfect and Mind Your Mittens.

For me, a rich deep, dark and luxurious burgundy will always be THE colour for winter nails. My former favourite shade from Essie used to be Vixen! I couldn’t get enough and this colour reminds me a lot of that shade, only better.

It also has a much better wear on my nails than Vixen did, so sorry Vixen, you’re going to have to take a step down!

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