A Sparkling New Chance


 Delicate, dancing and sparkling; chance presents itself when you least expect it. Don’t let it fly away! 

This month sees the launch of some sparkling new goodies from the Chanel CHANCE fragrance collection.

If you, like me are in love with Chanel’s fragrance, CHANCE, then these new launches are bound to make your Friday!

On the 16th June 2014, Chanel will unveil three new shimmering products for the body!

They smell ahhh-mazing, with notes of CHANCE, CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE and CHANCE EAU TENDRE.

There’s the CHANCE SHIMMERING BODY CREAM (R1080), CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE SHIMMERING TOUCH (R775) and CHANCE EAU TENDRE SHIMMERING POWDERED PERFUME (R930), all with a gorgeous scent and a shimmering glow that sparkles on your skin.

I got to sample the Shimmering Powdered Perfume and the Shimmering Touch, and while I’m not big into “SPARKLE”, Chanel does it just right, to give you a gorgeous shimmer without making you look like a Christmas tree!

For those days when you don’t want to spray perfume, a little dollop of CHANCE Shimmering Touch gives you a lovely, fresh smell with hints of sparkle.

And for those days when you wan’t to smell amazing all over, dust a little CHANCE Shimmering Powdered Perfume on your décolletage, shoulders and arms.

You will love it!

CHANCE always takes me back to my summer holiday in Greece.

Since it was really hot, instead of perfume during the day, I sprayed CHANEL CHANCE – EAU TENDRE SHEER MOISTURE MIST on my body. Now, whenever I get a whiff of this soft, delicate and fresh scent, I am instantly transported back to days spent lazing on the gorgeous Mediterranean sand in all its glory!

Thanks for re-igniting those memories CHANEL!


Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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