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Inspired by GUCCI Creative Director, Frida Giannini’s travels, the new fragrance from GUCCI, GUCCI OUD is a celebration of the deep and sensual fragrances of the Orient.

It’s an intense and sexy scent that can be worn by women and men alike.


It’s opulent and spicy – my favourite type of fragrance, with a distinct eastern scent reminiscent of a sandy desert.

If you’re a fan of Tom Ford Sahara Noir or Black Orchid, then this fragrance will be a sure winner!

It’s strong, sensual and has a very unique, distinct scent!

GUCCI OUD opens with top notes of Pear, Raspberry and Saffron.

This amazing blend then lingers into opulent notes of Bulgarian Rose and Orange Flower, before settling into an amber and musk base, with OUD at the core. GUCCI OUD also stays true to the GUCCI brand, and like all GUCCI fragrances, Patchouli notes are prominent in the base notes as well.

The OUD used in GUCCI OUD has been specially selected, cultivated and purified for GUCCI. It comes from central Laos, and is grown in a sustainable, managed way that ensures the appropriate respect for this precious resource.

OUD is an extremely rare, dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees in the Middle East. When these trees get mould, to protect themselves they produce a dark, aromatic resin which turns the pale coloured wood into a denser, darker and resin embedded heartwood.

This natural, raw material is extremely expensive since the wild resource is rare, and the extraction process is timely and difficult.


The packaging is exquisite with GUCCI’s signature design motifs on both the carton and the bottle.


The bottle is heavy and feels like a million bucks!

It has a translucent black falcon that features a golden GUCCI horsebit and a sandblasted version of the famous GUCCI equestrian web stripe.

In the words of Frida Giannini “There are some things that are not defined by gender, but by mood. Gucci Oud is one of these. I wanted to create a fragrance that would evoke the sense you get when in a mysterious, captivating and unfamiliar land – when you are seduced by a curious experience, and dream of it afterwards.” 


GUCCI OUD is a truly stand out fragrance that is exquisite and luxurious!

It’s a new scent, but one that I am sure will remain one of my all time faves!

Time perfectly with the sprit of the Middle East, Gucci OUD launches on the 7th July, just in time for the religious celebration, Eid.

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50ml Eau de Parfum – R1,195
70m Eau de Parfum – R1,600

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