Combat Winter Hair Static


I wont lie! I’m not loving my hair in Jozi winters!

The colder it gets, the warmer I dress, the more my hair stands up like the bride of Frankenstein!

I’ve searched high and low and done “everything” to try keep the frizz down and for the first couple of weeks, nothing worked!

But I kept searching, and I have finally found my fix!

It’s a combination of a few things, but this combo really works.

  1. It’s really dry in Jozi, and the dryness doesn’t help with my hair. When I first moved here, Chantelle, AKA Not Another Poppie suggested that I “just get a humidifier” and not wait, since it was needed in Jozi. It took me a while, but I eventually got one, and it’s really made a difference in my hair (and my skin for that matter). I’ve only had it a for a few days, but it’s a great little helper.
  2. After I wash my hair, I add a little bit of Moroccanoil to it while it’s damp. Then, I use a little bit more to smooth down the ends after I’ve dried and ironed it.
  3. Don’t laugh! This step is probably the game changer that made all the difference. Tumble Dryer sheets. Yes you read right, tumble dryer sheets. When my hair is dry, I take one of these little guys and smooth it over my hair. It works like a bomb!
  4. Finally, after I’ve blow dried my hair, I smooth it down with my ghd iron. Not completely, but just roughly over the hair, which helps keep it down.

Do you have any sneaky tips and tricks to help combat static hair?

I’d love to hear them, so comment below and let me know!



Dimi Ingle

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