Chanel États Poétiques Collection for Fall 2014


Like Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, I love poetry! I also love makeup, Chanel and the colour pink!

For their latest Autumn/ Fall 2014 Collection, the house of CHANEL draws inspiration from a colour steeped in poetic tenderness: pink, interpreted in a spectrum of shades, an intense and fragile colour collection…

This collection also pays tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s fascination with the art of poetry.



Eyes are dominated by pink. With a palette of shadows that are different shades of pink, together with a bright  buttercup yellow, (called ADMIRATION) that brings and element of suprise to this collection.

I love pink eyeshadow. Not the Poppie pink from the 80’s! But rather, pretty pinks that enhance the eye! I have green eyes, and pink always helps to intensify the colour.

Above, are 2 of the 6 shadows. The darker one HESITATIONis an intense romantic rosewood, while PALPITATION (limited edition) is a deeper and more true pink. These two look great on their own, but especially great blended together.

The other shades in the Ombre Essentielle range for this collection include: SENSATION – (limited edition) a sweet, pastel shimmery pink, PULSION – a deep blackcurrant, EXALATION – an invogorating raspberry and ADMIRATION – a bright and playful buttercup.

For the quad lovers, LES 4 OMBRES in POESIE (limited edition) is a gradiation of shadows in a palette from light and dark tones. The perfect blend to help you create contrasting makeup looks. There’s a reddish brown with violet plum shimmers, a pure light rosewood and two medium shades of beige, that blend together to create a satiny nude base.

There’s also CHANEL’s new eyeliner, Ecruiture De Chanel that comes in two shades; NOIR and BRUN. These are cokey type liners that help you draw thick or thin lines with precision and dramatic effect.



The nail polishes, betray every emotion of this collection. From the tips of the fingers, to the tips of the toes.

There are three shades in this collection; ORAGE – (meaning thunderstorm in French) which is an anthricite grey mixed with blue. SECRET is a soft milky pink that envokes innocence, while ATMOSPHERE (not featured) is a pearly nail colour with multiple shimmers that embody the magic of love!

Atmosphere is a limited edition shade, so if you want it, best you get your hands on it and quick!


For the lips, there are four ROUGE COCO SHINE lipsticks that match the eyeshadow shades perfectly.

INTIME is a universal pink, CONFIDENT an intense rosewood, VIVA a seductive raspberry (limited edition) and AURA a deep blackcurrant.


The glosses, or LEVRES SCINTILLANTES as they are called in CHANEL makeup, come in two delicate shades.

ROSE REVE, a soft milky pink that matches the SECRET nail polish, and SONGE, a limited edition, pearly multicoloured shimmer that pairs perfectly with the nail colour ATMOSHPERE.

And lastly, for the complextion, one beutifully girly blush, INNOCENCE, a warm rosewood shade that lifts the cheeks.


The ETATS POETIQUES collection hits counters on the 18th August 2014!

Les 4 Ombres Quad – R775
Ombre Essentielle (single eye shadows) – R435
Ecruiture de Chanel (eyeliner pen) – R505
Le Vernis (nail polish) – R355
Rouge Coco Shine (satin finish lipstick) – R480
Levres Scintillantes (lipgloss) –  R420
Joues Contraste (blush) – R590





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