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River Island Headquarters Tour + Video


Last week, I was flown out to London, to get an inside scoop of the RIVER ISLAND brand. A brand that I’m really excited will be available in SA!

Part of my trip, included a visit and little tour of the gigantic RIVER ISLAND Headquarters in London!

I got to see the team, of over 600+ doing their thing to create the amazing fashion brand that we will soon get our paws on!

RIVER ISLAND is a huge British brand, with over 300 stores in the UK. Plus then stores in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and from tomorrow, SOUTH AFRICA! It’s also ASOS’ biggest selling brand, next to ASOS’ own in-house brand.



There was so much to take in! Fashion designers, buyers, trend setters, online, marketing, photographers, PR’s, graphic designers, stylists … everyone is housed under one roof and everything is designed right there in the London HQ. This allows for heaps of creativity, inspired by the different cultures and scenes.

But first, a little bit of background on the brand, so you know what to expect when it hits SA tomorrow – yeee-haaa!


After a quick coffee with RIVER ISLAND’s Keith & Emily in the staff canteen (that looks more like a trendy restaurant), I was given the full tour of the HQ.

It really looks like a great place to work! Imagine being surrounded by fashionable people, beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories, fabrics  and having creativity overload every day!




To this day, RIVER ISLAND is a family owned business, with the founder’s grandson running the show as the CEO. The founder, Bernard Lewis still comes in from time to time to visit.

It’s a business which started in 1948, that later re-branded itself as RIVER ISLAND – “an island for everything you need” in the 90’s.

When I asked my trusty tour guide, Keith, the International Press & Marketing manager to describe the RIVER ISLAND girl, he said it would likely be “someone in her mid 20’s, somewhat professional that is interested in fashion, not a slave to fashion.” An edgy girl who influences her friends (fashion style) rather than being influenced.

And the brand, what is RIVER ISLAND known for?

Keith says “RIVER ISLAND is known a place to get a full head-to-toe look, where you can interpret the trends in your own way.”

The whole concept of their design process is to create pieces that can be worked into your wardrobe!

When it comes to international fashion trends, RIVER ISLAND keeps up with what’s hot, but always adding their unique spin on it!


Thanks so much to these two, Keith and Emily who showed me around the HQ, wined and dined me in SOHO, helped me shop the RIVER ISLAND Marble Arch store and just made my time in London fantastic!

Also, a huge thanks to Edcon and Phatic for giving me the opportunity to experience such an amazing brand, in amazing London!

Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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  1. Mary
    July 24, 2014 / 10:29 pm

    Wow looks fantastic! What a place! I love the clothes you picked too

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