One Week Into Our Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin Challenge


It’s been just over a week since my Fab Five and I started our Kiehl’s 28 Day #ChangeYourSkin challenge.

Overall, the results have been positive and we all seem to be loving the powerful effects of this winning duo; Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

Here’s a round up of how we’re all doing so far…

Dimi (33) says

kiehls-dimiI’ve tried to be good with this challenge, and use as little “extra” lotions and potions, so that I can give these two products a real go!

My routine in the morning includes cleansing with my Filorga Foaming Cleanser, then applying two pumps of Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate on my skin. I follow up with moisturiser. At the moment, I’m using Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint, since it has an SPF of 30 and it’s a good idea to always wear sunscreen, especially when you’re using Vitamin C on your skin.

At night, I have a similar routine; I pre cleanse (to remove the day’s makeup) with Filorga Skin Perfusion Cleansing Gel followed by my foaming cleanser. Then, two pumps of Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and four drops of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate layered over that.

At night, I skip out on moisturizer since my skin feels hydrated enough.

I absolutely LOVE the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. It’s not my first time using a Vitamin C treatment, so I didn’t feel any “sensation” when I applied it. On day one, I did feel it made my skin a little warm, but not any more. It just feels really good and comforting and my skin soaks it up!

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is an amazing product! Although it’s an oil, it soaks into the skin really well – provided you don’t overdo it! In the morning, I wake up with glowing, healthy skin, instead of a tired old face.

I made the mistake of using too much of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate on the first two days (that’s what happens when you DONT read the instructions), so my skin was looking a little too glowy for my liking. As soon as I started applying less product and “pushing” it into my skin, rather than smearing it on, I can really see why this is such a hyped and loved product!

The combination of the two products has made such a difference this past week. My skin feels refreshed and “happy”. It’s glowing and the fine lines in my forehead have faded quite a bit. Considering the extreme Jo’burg dryness my skin has had to get used to (having just moved here from Durbs), it’s looking and feeling pretty darn good!

LUZANNE (31) says

kiehls-luzanneI’ve been using the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate for about a week now and this product has been the one that has stood out the most for me! When I apply it, it smoothes over my skin (there is a wonderful warming sensation when it comes in contact with my skin) and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

I have noticed a big difference in the “congested areas” of my face, especially my forehead area – I used to have little bumps on my forehead but within only a week, I have noticed them disappearing slowly.

I have also noticed my skin is more radiant, as this serum contains a high concentration of Vitamin C.

I am loving the Midnight Recovery Concentrate as well, because it makes my skin feel nourished and comfortable. Winter has been very harsh on my skin this year and after cleansing my face, I am always left with a tight feeling on my skin.

I apply this using pressing motions to my face at night (I find following up with a moisturiser isn’t necessary) and my skin feels super comfortable. It gets rids of any dryness there was to my skin and in the morning I wake up with supple and glowing skin.

I use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate after I have applied the Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate – Together they make a winning combo!

In the last week I have received two compliments on my skin, so these two products are definitely doing something right!

LOUISE (29) says

kiehls-louiseI love how the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate makes the texture of my skin smooth and soft. I’ve started using it once a day (until my skin gets used to the product) since I found that my skin gets a little flush.

After just one week, I’ve noticed that my skin is more radiant. The Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate has a nice, light consistency.  I can really feel that it penetrates in the deepest layers of my skin, leaving it more hydrated. It absorbs really quick into my skin and feels soothing.

I use my Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate after cleansing, followed by the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I noticed that the oil restores my skins’ suppleness and leaves it feeling plumped, as though I had a deep, healing sleep. It smells amazing with all the pure essential oils.

Using the two products together, I’ve noticed a positive difference in the texture of my skin and it definitely feels more hydrated.

With both products, a little goes such a long way as they are both highly concentrated.

After week one, I am very happy with the results so far!

CAMILLA (27) says

kiehls-camillaI didn’t have to be asked twice to try out these Kiehl’s products. I have been dreaming about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for months and I haven’t been disappointed as yet!

I have combination (normal and dehydrated) skin, so the combination of these two products is heaven-sent.

I made the mistake of using a cheap cleanser (which includes the ever dehydrating ingredient, alcohol), which left my skin feeling taut and dry. Since I started the #ChangeYourSkin Challenge I can already feel that it has become more supple.

I am also obsessed with the texture of the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, it reminds me of a silicone based primer.

I noticed a large dry patch (read: scaly) on my right cheek on Friday and I will monitor it’s progress with these two super moisturising products.

NOSIPHO (33) says

kiehls-nosiphoOne week in and I am truly impressed so far!

Before I start with my skin, I must say I adore the packaging of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Using the dropper always makes me feel like an Egyptian queen lol.

The oil is definitely my favorite. I love the feeling after I’ve massaged it into my face. It’s truly luxurious without feeling oily or greasy. It blends beautifully into skin and doesn’t feel heavy or clogged at all. A definite must-have for dry Joburg winters.

I’ve been using the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate under my usual Clinique moisturizer. I’ve always usually added new products over my moisturizer but the Kiehl’s products are definitely taking over my life at the moment.

The Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is easily absorbed and I achieved the note about feeling a warm sensation on application. Having read that, I was prepared for the very slight warm sensation I experienced.

So far, my skin is definitely looking more hydrated and a lot more moisturized than a week ago. I’m not feeling any dryness or pulling sensation which I’m loving. So far so good. Looking forward to more changes in the next few weeks.

VANESSA (40) says

kiehls-vanessaMy two Kiehl’s skin products came a little late, but I always say better late than never – so I started a few days later than the other ladies.

I must admit, this 28 Day Challenge could not have come at a better time! My skin has been looking awful lately… Dehydrated, fine lines, tired and dull, so I cannot wait to see the difference at the end of this challenge.

I started using my products on the 31st July, and have not noticed any remarkable difference yet, although my skin does not feel as dry as usual, which is a good sign! What I can say is that the products feel great on my skin.

I really love the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It’s light weight, absorbs into my skin and it smells divine!

Bring on the next 21 days!

Dimi Ingle

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