Get Ready for The Summer of 69

Sun’s out, fun’s out!

I can’t wait to get rid of my ghostly white winter glow, and replace it with a sun-kissed bronzed tan!

Yeah, I know, I’m bad! I love the sun and to be perfectly honest, there is nothing wrong with soaking up a little Vitamin D – if you do it the smart way that is.

Back in the day, and my Mom-in-law always tells me, how they were completely unaware of the damage a little tanning could cause. To get bronzed, they’d lay in the sun, coated in olive oil! EEK! Scary stuff!

Now that we’re wiser, we have an array of fantastic sun protection, which means you can enjoy a little sunshine, and minimise the risk.

And since I am a total sun worshiper (the smart kind), I’ll be sharing some of my fave sun smart ways to get that glow, the healthy way.

Starting off today, with Bergasol!


Bergasol is not a new brand, but I’ve never tried it before, so it’s still kinda new to me.

It’s been around for over 40 years, launched in the French Riviera in the Summer of ’69.

It’s a brand that understands the pleasure you get from tanning and combines this with products that deliver fast, intensive, yet safe tanning solutions.

Bergasol products contain a Tan Accelerator Complex that helps to build a gradual, natural sun tan. They work by stimulating the production of the body’s natural tanning pigments (melanin) during and after sun exposure.

It’s not a self tanner. It’s a protective tan enhancer and a beach bag must have!


For the body, Bergasol offer a Sun Protective Dry Tanning Oil in SPF10 (R225) or SPF20 (R235) and Caring Sun Milk in SPF10 (R205) or SPF20 (R212). For the face, Bergasol Sun Moisturizing Face Cream in SPF 20 (R350) and for the face and body,  an After Sun Tan Prolonger (R172).

Now, here’s an interesting fact!

Did you know, that SPF10 already absorbs 90% of UVB radiation, while SPF50 absorbs 98%, but SPF50 also comes with added chemicals being loaded on your skin?

So the goal, is to just keep loading up on SPF10 or 20 and being diligent to re apply it every two hours, or immediately after a dip in the pool.

I got to sample the glorious Bergasol Sun Milk SPF10 and the (can’t wait to use this one) Bergasol After Sun Prolonger.

Both smell absolutely amazing! Coconut is so 90’s and the new “beach scent” is citrus! The scent prominent in all Bergasol products.

Personally, I can’t wait for those 30 degree heat waves to hit us! I’ve got my Vogue Sunnies, my JC Le Roux on ice, my swimming towel, a big, glam sun hat and my Bergasol waiting!

Bergasol is exclusive to Clicks and if you’re in need of some sun protection, definitely check this range out. I have no doubt you will love it once you smell it!






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