Her father may be one of music’s legends, but Stella McCartney is a brand in her own right!

She’s the no frills fashion designer that continues to push the boundaries of innovation and style!

Her fashion is always sleek yet sophisticated and she always manages to find the perfect balance, while still leading her principled lifestyle.

She’s an animal activist and lover of the world!

In 2003, she launched her first fragrance, “STELLA“, reminiscent of an English Rose.

Now, in 2014 STELLA  gets a modern look, while keeping the scent unchanged. All that’s really changed is the bottle, inspired by an Amethyst Crystal and the various size options that will be available.

It launched in August 2014 where it was exclusive to Harrods. But, it is now available world wide, so you can get your hands on it too from leading stockists.

STELLA - Fragrance by Stella McCartney

It’s a true-to-Stella scent, and she’s been involved in every aspect of its creation.

She designed the bottle and developed the scent herself, together with her “nose”,  Jacques Cavallier.

To create the scent (that remains the same), she had a vintage photograph of an English Rose that she wanted to bring to life.

Think old-fashioned, but with a Stella signature twist.

The top notes are rose oil, peony and citrus, with rose once again dominating the heart. At the base, amber completes this scent.

Personally, I’m not major into rose fragrances, and while STELLA wouldn’t be my fragrance of choice – since I prefer something a little spicier and heavier – it’s still a pretty scent and worth a spray to decide for yourself.

It’s not overpowering and a great everyday fragrance if you’re into rose scented elegance.

STELLA - Fragrance by Stella McCartney

The packaging is simple and clean (like her fashion line) and the only branding you’ll find on the bottle is around the neck.

Now, for a little Friday fun fact, simply because I love stories and the history behind how concepts are “brought to life”, I wanted to share an interesting fact about Stella McCartney’s second fragrance, L.I.L.Y.

Although L.I.L.Y’s olfactory signature is Lilly of the valley,  the name and spelling was actually the nickname her father, Sir Paul McCartney had given his late wife, and her mother, Linda McCartney. LILY, which stood for “Linda I Love You”!

How cute!

Now, back to Stella… You can find it in the following EDP size variants:

  • 30ml EDP – R540
  • 50ml EDP – R795
  • 100ml EDP – R1030
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