Ombre Sparkle Holiday Nails

This Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment polish is, without a doubt, the most intense, most glittery-glitter polish I’ve ever come across.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect for sparkly, holiday nails!


I received it the other day with Nails Inc Basil Street polish, which is a true nude and since I’m feeling festive, I wanted to try a little ombre sparkle on my nails.

The results came out beautifully! I love it!


Another look you could try with combo is painting all your nails with Basil Street and then adding Chelsea Embankment to your ring finger only for a a glamours, subtle sparkle effect.

Get your Ombre Party Nails On!

  • Start by applying two coats of Basil Street (allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second).
  • Next, using a glittery top coat with subtle sparkle, apply over Basil Street on the entire nail. You can use Chelsea Embankment, just be sure to wipe off as much product from the brush as you can. The idea is to create just a hint of sparkle at the base of the nail and this product has serious glitter.
  • Once that has dried, dip your brush into Chelsea Embankment and wipe it a few times. Then apply it on the middle, bottom half of the nail and spread it down and across.
  • Lastly, apply a coat of Chelsea Embankment  to the very bottom of the nail and spread it across.
  • Finish with top coat and

Viola! Holiday Ombre nails!

If you love sparkle and you’re obsessed with nail polish, then you defiantly need to add Chelsea Embankment to your collection and Basil Street, just because it’s a good quality nude.

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