Going UP! On A Tuesday

This weekend I got to test drive the cute, new Volkswagen UP! The small car, with a big attitude!



The UP! is VW’s compact city car, and it’s the perfect little run around car that looks as funky as it feels.

Surprisingly responsive, the 55kw engine has a decent amount of power, and considering I’m used a much bigger engine, I didn’t feel deprived – only a little when overtaking on the highway.

The UP! is smaller than the VW Polo, and I think it’s way cuter and funkier. It’s almost got that up and coming yuppie attitude.

At 3,54 meters long and 1,64 meters wide, one of the features I loved was being able to squeeze into small parking spaces (something I can’t do in my FJ – although I usually just climb the pavement *wink*).

I love the Interior. It’s got a touch of sporty funkiness and very spacious, although I did find that there is very limited console space. When I first opened the boot I was like whhhhhatt! Where am I supposed to put my shopping?! Until I discovered a hidden compartment that practically doubles up the boot space. Such a cool feature!

The model I drove had the optional extra sunroof, which is a must 0n this car. It’s got lots of settings, so you can open it a wee bit, mid way or all the way. Plus the mesh shield is perfect for when the sun beats down on you.

While the back is small, the driver and passenger have loads of space. The three door (that I drove) has massive doors so you feel like you’re sitting in business class, unlike many small cars that make you feel cramped.

My hubby is a buff guy, with legs for days, and he didn’t look ridiculous driving the UP!

If you’re looking for a small car with a big attitude, then you should definitely consider the UP! It’s such a funky, eye catching car and your traffic companions will stop and stare! I don’t think I’ve ever had so many fingers pointed at me on the road, but I must say, it felt kinda cool!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about my title for this post, I couldn’t help myself! I have the song “Tuesday” by Ilovemakonnen featuring Drake, stuck in my head! In fact it’s playing right now! Going UP!….






Thanks to Volkswagen South Africa for letting me test drive the UP! this weekend! I had fun and I am sure going to miss this little guy.

For the full specs and details of the UP! check out VW’s website.

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