View From The Top! Burj Khalifa & Armani Hotel Dubai

Not too long ago, I was (literally) on top of the world! One of the highlights of my Dubai trip was a visit to the Burj Khalifa!

At 829.8 metres, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world!

burj-khalifa-stylescoop-1Myself, Tyashnee from DTMC SA, Kelly from Marie Claire and my ninja partner in crime – Irina (you’ll see what I mean by ninja soon –  just keep reading…)

At 124 floors, the Burj Khalifa is so tall that you can watch the sunset from the base of the building, get into the elevator right to the top, and watch the sunset all over again! How insane is that!?


It’s a view that cannot be understood until you experience it, and if you are ever in Dubai, I highly recommend checking it out!


Everything looks so extremely small, that your mind will have a hard time trying to put things into perspective! Cars look like matchboxes, people are not noticeable at all, and roads look like strings of spaghetti!

Within the Burj Khalifa is the exquisite, chic and elegantly minimalistic ARMANI Dubai Hotel, which occupies the concourse level through to level 8, as well as levels 38 and 39.

This hotel is pure elegance, and every design detail was overseen by the man himself, Giorgio Armani. It’s a reflection of class and the sophisticated comfort that define his signature style!

The ARMANI Dubai was the first hotel for the brand, with a second, smaller one now in Milano, Italy.

The entire hotel is Giorgio Armani through and through, with every detail bearing the Armani signature. From the minimalistic features, to the clean and elegant lines that have been finished in a couture colour palette of greys, charcoals and taupes.

Unique textures blend seamlessly with the stunning architecture, and the use of natural light, help to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity, coupled with warm Italian-style hospitality.

We were treated to a tour of this hotel, and I must be honest, the ARMANI is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen!

Our tour started with breakfast at the ARMANI/MEDITERRANEO, one of the hotel’s contemporary restaurants that serves breakfast through to late-night drinks.

How amazing are the branded Armani jams?


We then went on to view the suite of all suites, and I say this not only because it was ahhha-mazing, but because this is the same suite that Tom Cruise shot Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol!

Ya know, that scene where he removes the window and climbs up the Burj Khalifa? Check out this clip to jog your memory!

Of course, Irina and I couldn’t resist having our own little Mission Impossible Moment and channel our inner spy!


Irina pulling of the ninja spy look a little too effortlessly… *wink*


The hallways of the ARMANI Dubai are sleek, with an understated aesthetic. The glowing hallways create a beautiful effect and add to the ambiance. How amazing are the doors – not a door knob in sight!


Throughout the hotel, the space is sleek, sophisticated and very Armani… Classy, simple and breathtakingly beautiful.


Tech savvy and sexy, everything, including the curtains is controlled by an iPad in the room.


But who would want to close the curtains with that view!?


The suite even has it’s own pretty impressive gym!


And a “family dining area” with a Nespresso machine! Not that I would eat in much since the ARMANI is surrounded by amazing places to indulge your palette in a world of cuisine, both inside the hotel and around Downtown Dubai.


The bedrooms are classy with luxurious linens and that crisp, understated glam factor…


We couldn’t resist a little pillow pouting selfie…


The bathrooms are impeccably stylish, sleek and clean and all finished with Armani amenities…. I mean!!!! AWESOME!


The bathrooms also have beautiful camomile-scented pebble soaps, that are only available in the rooms and suites – which means you cant buy these gems!

These custom made pebbles resemble the shape and design of a pebble that Giorgio Armani found on the beach at his Pantelleria Villa.


You can take home part of the Armani lifestyle from retail concepts within the hotel. Things like Armani fragrances, handbags, sunglasses,  jewellery, vases and even designer chocolates from ARMANI/DOLCI.

These elegant Italian sweets are so exclusive that a single-piece praline in a box, retails at AED30, which is around R90.


Besides the shopping and obvious sleeping, there is so much to do within the hotel.

Relax at the Armani SPA, or eat at one of the seven restaurants that offer everything from Japanese to Indian, from the flavours of the Mediterranean to authentic Italian.  

You certainly know you are in Dubai when you step outside, because of three reasons…


1) Sky Scrapers, 2) Cranes and 3) Cars that make you “lose your group” just so you can take pictures of them!

Thanks so much to Satish, Haytham and Vivian for hosting us and giving us a glimpse of the gorgeous ARMANI Dubai Hotel!

stylescoop-the-armani-hotel-dubaiKelly Fung, Irina Doman, Mpumi Sinxoto, Mbali Soga, Me, Shashi Naidoo, LeAnne Dlamini, Lorina Voges, Tyashnee & Tumi Voster

Be sure to check out THE ARMANI DUBAI website for more info and amazing pics that will leave you drooling!

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