My Sheinside Faves

I am so in love with my new winter cape, that I bought online from Sheinside, and I’m now constantly on their website, adding more to my wishlist!

Their stuff is amazing and the price (especially since we buy a season behind) makes for some fabulous online shopping at really affordable prices.

I’m going back for shopping round two, so I thought I’d share some of my Sheinside faves with ya…


  1. Multicolor cardigan shirt dress
  2. Long Sleeve, V-Neck Maxi Dress
  3. Woolen Khaki Coat with Lapel
  4. Orange V-Neck Loose Dress
  5. Navy Contrast Sleeveless Faux Fur Coat

I’ve had my eye on that Multicolor cardigan shirt dress for a while! It may not look like much in the picture, but the style gallery on Sheinside for this piece is amazing!

That’s the other feature I love about Sheinside, is that you can view the style gallery for various items on the item page (just scroll down)! It’s a gallery of looks for the specific item, submitted by people that have bought it. How fab!


Winter capes are so on trend and you’ll see them everywhere! But get yourself a fabulous cape that can be styled up (or down) and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Sheinside has some stylish options like these…

    1. Red and Black Asymmetrical Cape (just like the one I wore here)
    2. Pink Tassel Cape

A few helpful tips for shopping online outside of SA

Shipping: Gals, I ain’t gonna lie, the South African Post Office isĀ  (well you know what), and although Sheinside offers free standard international shipping on orders over US$30.00, I think it’s certainly worth it to spend a little extra and select the express shipping option, or shop for over $90 to get express shipping free in SA.

If you aren’t in a rush, you may want to wait, but just know that with the standard shipping option, you will wait!

Sheinside is pretty accurate with their shipping times, it’s just the crazy wait between the time your goods arrive in SA, and how long SAPO takes to process it.

Customs Import Duties in SA suck and it’s seriously something we just can’t get around. So, I’ve had to learn to just accept it.

When shopping from Sheinside or any international retailer, always keep customs and duties in mind. You may get lucky and your shipment will pass unnoticed, but always be prepared to pay those dreaded duties.

If you aren’t willing to spend up to 50% of the value on any particular item, then don’t buy it. Having said that, Sheinside has some amazing deals, and even with the nasty customs duties, the item will probably still be worth the money spent.

Like my Cape for instance. I ended up paying about R200 in customs duties and SARS’ “handling fees” and honestly, the Cape to me is worth way more than what I paid for it altogether, so ultimately, a good buy!

Dimi Ingle

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