Packing and Travelling Like A Pro


I’m constantly looking for ways to pack smarter when I travel, and since I do a lot of travelling (locally and internationally), I thought I’d put together a little guide to packing like a pro, because it’s easier than you think!

Your Suitcase Matters

On my recent trip to Dubai, I travelled with the amazing TUMI TEGRA-LITE® MAX Large Trip Expandable Packing Case, and it is awesome with a capital A!

You guys know I love my TUMI Tegra Lite Carry on, and it was amazing to take the “big boy” with me this time!

The Large Trip Packing case fitted everything for my seven-day trip, including; outfits, accessories and shoes (don’t forget the shoes) for about 15+ outfits.

The case itself is super light weight, weighing under 7 kilograms (6.44kg to be exact) and since it’s made from a protective material, it kept everything perfectly in place and safe.

The thing I love the most about this case is how seamless and effortless it was to wheel around. It moves in every direction, with double turning wheels, and since I was responsible for lugging my own bags around – I found it very easy to manage on my own.

I even managed to wheel the two TUMI’s, side by side with one hand around the airport, which was amazing!

Nothing is worse than using up your energy supply on carting your luggage around! Not to mention broken backs and saggy shoulders!

This newer version of the TEGRA Lite Case has a 2 inch expandable feature and an accessible front pocket, which provided extra packing room for my Dubai purchases.

Inside it has a removable garment sleeve,  two packing compartments and interior pockets for accessories.

Keeping your clothes crease free

On this trip, I took along my hand steamer (just in case I needed it), but I was really impressed at how I packed, that I didn’t need to steam any of my clothes.

My little trick… to wrap my clothes (a max of three items) in tissue paper. I had some left over from our move from Durban, and these really came in handy!

On the bottom layer of my suitcase, I packed all my heels and shoes, which were each inside their own dust bag. Then, I layered the least crease-able clothes (wrapped in tissue paper), followed by my more lightweight items (also wrapped in tissue paper) on top.

For my dresses, I hung them all on two metal hangers, placed them inside an extra long garment bag, which I folded in three and placed inside the garment sleeve of the TUMI TEGRA-LITE Large Trip case.

An extra little tip for ya: group your outfit’s together in the tissue paper. This makes it easier to unpack your outfits as you need them. Also, considering we stayed in two hotels, it was much easier to only unpack what I needed for the first leg of the trip, and then re pack my unworn tissue paper bundles on top for the second leg.

Packing hats to keep their shape

I took along three hats for the trip.

While packing, leave a space inside the middle of your suitcase for hats. Mine were placed upside down and stacked on top of each other. Then, I filled the inside of the hats with socks and softer items like my turbans, scarves and wraps to keep their shape.

The result, hats in perfect shape.

Packing Sunglasses and Accessories

I travel with a couple pairs of sunglasses, because sunglasses finish your look and I’m obsessed okay?!

I keep them all inside their original cases, and I wrap the dust cloth around the sunglasses for an extra bit of protection. Since I’m paranoid, and love my sunnies to death, I always take them with me in my carry on.

For my accessories, I mostly took my Lucky Brand accessories, because, well I live in these!

When you purchase Lucky Brand jewellery, they give you these awesome little jewellery pouches to keep your accessories inside. So, each piece was wrapped in its own pouch, which I then placed into a bigger pouch.

You could also use something like my foldable Lou Harvey jewellery organiser to keep your accessories in one place without damaging them.

Packing Makeup and Beauty Products

I’ve already shared my on-board travel essentials for beauty, and my travel buddies, but let’s talk quickly about makeup and all those skincare products!

A great little tip is to keep samples of all your favourite beauty products on hand until you travel. Those little miniature versions are amazing and take up so little space in your luggage.

I packed all my essential skincare, haircare and general beauty products into a nifty little travel case that went into my checked in luggage. It’s quite a lot of stuff, so keep an eye out for its own post soon!

For my makeup, I did really well in packing light (again, I’ll share details on this soon as it’s quite in depth), but the one thing I do is de-pot almost all of my eyeshadows (accept for the Chanel ones) into one big palette. This just makes it easier to have more options and save space on packaging.

I kept my makeup all organised and took only what I needed, and since makeup can get easily damaged, I always take my makeup with me in my carry on.

Do you have any packing tips? I’d love to hear how you make life easier, so please comment below and let me know!




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