MAC Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trends

For Spring/ Summer 2015, MAC have stripped down makeup, with four key looks that are all about light, luminosity and lifestyle!

I was in Cape Town last week to find out more about these trends.

For each look, I got to check out a demo by MAC’s leading makeup artists Michelle-Lee and Keegan, and I picked up some nifty tips and tricks along the way, that I’ll share with you in today’s scoop.


FYI gals: the model images for each look, I took with my DSLR, in natural light without any Photoshopping (other than increasing the brightness). So you can really see how magnificent the makeup is!

Flawless and fantastic!


This look is all about lining and lashing.


You’re either 100% committed to the lash – or nothing at all!

Go for bold lashes by layering loads of mascara – clumpy, but beautifully done.

Apply falsies in different techniques; all over the lash line, or try just the center of the lid for a different, yet striking effect.

Go arty with different liquid liner techniques. Think outside the box and go bold, like perhaps exaggerated inner corners?

Individual falsies in No7 (as used on the model above) were applied “under” the top eye lid, to give the effect of serious lashes that start at the root.

For the face, keep it minimal, manipulating the features to create a natural look that’s groomed, but not overdone.

Look Essentials: Extreme Dimension Mascara, No7 Individual Lashes, MAC Super Slick Liner


This look is all about angelic light that shines on the center of the face…


Focus on the architecture of the face, and give it a youthful glow by strategically placing light on a blank canvas.

Highlight on the center of the face. Take the glow up to the corner of the brow bone and continue through into the hairline.


Eyes are kept minimal and natural with a light taupe “eye gloss” that is pressed into the lid, without being blended.

Look Essentials: MAC Strobe Cream, MAC Global Glow

Free Party

Inspired by boho and festivals, this look is all about playing with colour to create a bit of a seaside story.

Think aquatic, clear-water blues, sea-foam greens, coral, shell pinks, sherbet and ice-cream pastels.


Key for this look is to mix and not match. Be free with the placement and throw on something unique.

Go wild with this one, but keep one key rule in mind! Ease up on foundation! “Anything involving colour only looks modern when you take away the skin coverage” says MAC artist – Terry Barber.

No Makeup

You’ve heard this one before, but this time “Nothingness is not Laziness”.


Using a MAC 159 brush, buff and polish minimal foundation to create clear blended skin. It’s not about erasing, it’s about enhancing.

Don’t mask freckles, enhance them by using two different shades of liners and dot them on randomly to create a natural effect.

A neat little trick to fake a natural sun kissed contour is to apply MAC Cream Colour Base (the one used on the model above is “Rich Coral”) under the foundation, patting into the lower cheek and “pushing” it in. Then apply a thin veil of mineralize foundation to even it out.

Try different Cream Colour base shades, looking for colours that take to sun infusion. This will help to create more pop than what is achieved by bronzer.

Keep lips natural and glossy with a clear lip gloss.

Which look is your fave?

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