Crisp White Shirts for Spring with Old Khaki

I’m so glad the weather is warming up a bit, and I am so looking forward to longer days, shorter nights, sun, fun and all round good moods.

Shopping for clothes at seasonal crossroads can be a tricky one! I mean, I always need new clothes (who doesn’t?) , but what to buy? I certainly don’t want to buy anymore winter clothes, and shopping for summer clothes may be a little premature, so what do you do?

Well, I’ve found two absolute wardrobe essentials that you can wear right now in “almost-spring” and take them well into your summer wardrobe.

Two fabulous, crisp white wonders from one of my fave stores, Old Khaki.


The Jenah Plain Long Sleeve Shirt

Everyone needs a crisp white shirt hanging in their closet! It’s such a versatile piece that you simply cannot live without!

“When I put on a white shirt, it’s the same feeling as getting into crisp, fresh sheets at night, I just feel good in them.” – Tom Ford


I picked up the Jenah Plain Long Sleeve Shirt (R350) and I’d be lying if said this wasn’t my absolute favourite white shirt.

Pure white, plain, soft and it fits so well!

I’ve been on the hunt for a crisp white shirt for a while – and it’s insane how difficult it was for me to find one that I loved. So when I saw this one, I felt like I hit the jackpot!


Some tips to look for when searching for the perfect white shirt…

  • Cotton is everything! Nothing beats a good quality fabric and since you’re going to have your white shirt forever,  you should invest in a quality fabric that will last and look always stylish (provided you look after it). 100% cotton, not cotton blends.
  • Go for something plain as your wardrobe staple. Logos are cool, but if you want the ability to dress up your look, without any distractions, then plain is your best bet.
  • Choose long sleeve as apposed to short or three quarter. With a long sleeve, you have the ability to roll it up, cuff the sleeves or scrunch them up to give you that effortless, street style look. I like my long sleeves to go past my wrist bone, because when I wear it with a jacket or something with a long sleeve for instance, I like my shirt to stick out a bit.
  • If you can, buy two! I like having the option of wearing longer length button up shirts that can be worn under, lets say a pullover and pair of skinny jeans, or even a pair of denim cut offs. Plus some days you feel like being tailored (fitted to your size) or relaxed (a shirt one size up from what you normally wear).
  • Speaking of fit, when you try on your shirt for size, make sure it fits comfortably. You should have enough room around your arms (and chest area) and it should be long enough to cover your midsection when you lift your arms. If you’re unsure, rather go for the bigger size as cotton (even the best kind) tends to shrink – although most clothes these days have been pre-shrunk – better safe than sorry.
  • Read the wash care instructions. No joke guys! If you love your clothes, you’ll take the time to read what they need. I don’t wash this shirt for instance with my white sheets as they have different temperature requirements, so I’d rather be safe than sorry and, so far (in my general clothing care) it has paid off.

The Rameera Ladies Blouse

From the essential crisp white shirt to something lust worthy, trendy and so pretty, it will have you feeling all kinds of happy…


The Rameera ladies blouse (R450) was just too cute to pass up. It’s soft and flowy with a cute boho feel going on.

The round open collar is perfect to show off those gorgeous tanned necks, layered with dainty necklaces.  It has these beautiful just-past-three-quarter bell sleeves with cute floral lace panels in the neck and sleeve.



I love that it’s also a button up white shirt, but one that’s a lot more casual and on trend with the whole boho-chic, 70’s inspired look.

When I see this shirt, I instantly see flowers in my hair with Lana Del Rey singing in the background, summer moods, denim shorts, tassel vests… yes, yes, yes, summer is coming…

Such pretty white shirts that I’ll be wearing right now and as we welcome the beautiful summer daze 🙂

Have you found your perfect white shirt yet? If not, then do check these out – you won’t be sorry!

Dimi Ingle

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