YSL Splendid Wood

With so many fragrances (and new ones coming our way), it’s difficult to find a new favourite-favourite.

But then, a fragrance comes along and totally knocks you off your feet, heightens your olfactory pleasures, and swirls you into another world, on a magic carpet ride.

That my friends, is this fragrance! YSL Splendid Wood! 


It’s exquisite, majestic, beautiful, rich, indulgent and is going down as one of my all time faves!

Splendid Wood is part of YSL’s Oriental Collection, which comprises of four magnificent scents; Splendid Wood, Supreme Bouquet, Noble Leather and Majestic Rose.

Four exquisite, unisex scents that capture the splendours of the Orient – which was for the iconic designer, Yves Saint Laurent, an endless source of inspiration.

Through these fragrances, YSL captures the muffled, refined atmosphere of oriental places.

YSL Splendid Wood took me right back to my amazing trip in Dubai earlier this year – reminding me of the Desert Safari where the scents of the orient were most prominent.

Rich, indulgent aromas with strong woody scents. The smell of intensity and Arabic adventure.

“The greatest fragrances are those that take you on the most fabulous journeys. They are the ones that make us happy.” – Yves Saint Laurent.

If you like Tom Ford Sahara Noir (my fave Tom Ford), then you’ll LOVE YSL Splendid Wood even more!

It has that same intensity and richness that make them both such exquisite, stand out high end fragrances.


YSL Splendid Wood opens with top notes of cardamom that sparkles and shines. Brilliantly resonating with the swirling notes of incense, before settling on petals of precious jasmine sambac, wrapping the skin in their creamy softness.

Beneath a floral heart, Oriental woods whisper their dark sensuality. The earthy nuances of Cypriol essence and the velvety purity of Cedar essence reveal intense depths. The dense, dark woody accord of oud wood ignites the fragrance with its smoky, sensual accents.

It is simply mesmerising! Over the top amazing and a fragrance that I just can’t get enough of!


The bottle is pretty amazing too! Draped in the iconic gold that defines the ORIENTAL COLLECTION with the YSL Cassandra logo appearing in the gilded whorls of a moucharabieh screen on the surface on the glass.

True to the Collection’s Haute Parfumerie spirit, the five principal accords in the composition are indicated on a facet of the bottle and the gleaming black cap gives it a sleek, contemporary allure.


So, so beautiful!

Each, 80ml Eau De Parfum fragrance retails for R2900 and is already available, and exclusive to selected Edgars stores.

Give it a whiff, tell me which is your fave of the four.

Dimi Ingle

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  1. Mellie
    August 28, 2015 / 8:19 am

    You make me want to smell it right away Dimi! I must go and try it out!

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