YSL Oriental Collection – The Full Fragrance Line

Between passion and excellence, Yves Saint Laurent creates an exceptional collection of four high end and beautiful fragrances, inspired by the majesty of the East.

A little while ago I shared my favourite scent from this collection, Splendid Wood and today, I’m going to tell you about the entire magical, mystical, opulent and indulgent YSL Oriental Collection.

Prepare to go on a magic carpet ride…


This exclusive fragrance collection is a tribute to the Algerian born designer, who had an on going love affair with the East.


It’s a collection where every precious alchemy takes you on a magical journey, where each scent conjures up a setting and an atmosphere, pointing to every facet, contrast, treasure and ambivalence.


The entire collection features the same majestic bottle. Sleek and solid, where gold is the spendor, adorned with a sophisticated pattern, enhanced by the YSL Cassandra, that’s been given an oriental signature with fine metallic wisps of carved and gilded latticework.


YSL Supreme Bouquet

Between Exhalation and Serenity

SUPREME BOUQUET or a peaceful getaway in an oriental garden. Far-removed from the throes of power and intense passions, this oasis is an invitation to return to the sublime beauty of nature.
The ponds and fountains murmur their soothing music, palm groves 
spread salutary coolness.
The scent of white flowers is an incitation to contemplation 
while it superbly exalts our every sense.


YSL Supreme Bouquet is an opulent, insatiable floral that combines the elements of three white flowers to create an indulgent, musky-ambery fragrance journey.

The combination of Tuberose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang makes this fragrance supremely beautiful, feminine, striking, yet rich and indulgent.


Created by perfumer Dominique RopionYSL Supreme Bouquet combines top notes of Bergamot Essence, Pink Pepper Essence and Pear Accord. At the heart lies, Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Tuberose Absolute and Ylang Extra Essence. The base notes are a combination of Patchouli Heart EssenceAmbery Woody Accord and Musks.

It’s a radiant bouquet of white flowers, that smell authentic and intense, further enhanced by the vibrancy of ambery woody accord.

YSL Noble Leather

Between Conquest and Surrender

NOBLE LEATHER or the heady scents of a secret chamber. An almost hypnotic order to push open a concealed door that leads to a private sanctuary, to a temple of passion. A sensual and animal fragrance that envelops the body and soul like a second skin.


If you’re looking for a fragrance that stands out and makes an unmistakable statement, you simply cannot go wrong with YSL Noble Leather.

Try to imagine an atmosphere that’s captured by mixing the scent of smokey tobacco (and I don’t mean the smell of burning cigarettes – yuk) combined with rich leather notes and you have YSL Noble Leather.

Another amazing, out of this world, and very different fragrance that smells expensive, opulent and intense. I promise you, when you wear this scent, people are almost guaranteed to stop and ask you what you are wearing.


The nose behind Noble Leather is Julie Massee and she’s captured the essence of the middle east beautifully in this fragrance.

YSL Noble Leather opens with top notes of Mandarin Essence, Violet Leaves Accord and Saffron Accord. At the heart lies Tobacco Accord, Leather Accord and Dried Fruits Accord. The base notes comprise of a blend of Patchouli Essence, Ambery Woody Accord and Vanilla Absolute.

An intense, rich and smoky scent that is to die for!

YSL Majestic Rose

Between Opulence and Mystery

MAJESTIC ROSE or the sophistication of a literary salon. A venue humming with subtle conversations. But underneath, secret webs of intrigue are taking shape through unsettling alliances and impassioned power plays.
All embodied by the gracious rose, which vies 
to compete with restless and potent woody notes.


YSL Majestic Rose is classified as a “rose accord”. A rose scent like no other!

I say this because I don’t particularly like rose fragrances as they often come off as synthetic. But leave it to YSL to create a scent that finally gets me excited about roses!

I think it’s safe to say that the fragrance Majestic Rose, smells even better than the real thing (real roses).

I actually thought I wouldn’t like it at first, but I was pleasantly surprised and captivated at the same time.

The combination of spicy, woody and fruity scents in this fragrance make it unique, sexy, beautiful and just plain delicious. Saffron, raspberry and Oud Wood combined with the 100’s of petals, picked early in the morning when they are still humid with dew, that are used to create this scent, make it every bit the majestic fragrance that it is.


YSL Majestic Rose opens with top notes of Papyrus Essence, Bergamot Accord and Raspberry Accord. At the heart lies Saffron Accord, May Rose Absolute and Mate Absoulte. And the smouldering base comprises of Oud Wood Accord, Guaiac Wood Essence and Vanilla Accord.

The nose behind Majestic Rose is Roberto Morillas.

YSL Splendid Wood


I featured this beautiful fragrance not too long ago, and I if I had to pick a fave of all four fragrances from the Oriental Collection (not that I particularly want to in this case as I love them all), I think Splendid Wood would probably be it.

Splendid Wood is classified as a Dark Woody Accord. An intense, luxurious, spicy, rich and indulgent fragrance that contains a blend of three, rich woody accords, including Oud Wood Accord, Essence of Cyproil and Essence of Cedar Wood.


The complete olfactory pyramid for this fragrance has top notes of Saffron Accord, Incense MD and Cardamom Essence. At the heart lies Artemisia Essence, Sambac Jasmine Absolute and Rose Bud Firnat. The base notes comprise of Oud AccordAtlas Cedarwood Essence and Cypriol Essence.

A fragrance that will truly blow your mind and take you on a magical journey to the east.

I’d like to invite you to go give these scents a whiff next time you’re in store. They are so special and no matter your fragrance preference, I can almost guarantee that these scents will evoke some sort of magical experience on your senses.

Each, 80ml Eau De Parfum fragrance retails for R2900 and is available exclusively at selected Edgars stores.

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