Armani Sì Huile de Parfum #SaySi

Brace yourselves for an absolutely exquisite fragrance experience this October, as the house of Giorgio Armani reveals its much anticipated Armani Sì Huile de Parfum.

A new, highly concentrated fragrance oil and a fragrance ritual that will change the way you view perfume.

A mysterious and bewitching art to creating your own unique fragrance journey…


“I reveal to you my beauty
In a tunic of the finest royal linen
Infused with balsamic essence
And steeped in perfumed oils” *

Armani Sì Huile de Parfum is the latest sensorial interpretation of the Sì brand and the first perfume with a pipette.

It’s a heavenly elixir with an exceptional concentration that will leave a long and lingering sensual wake on your skin.

Composed of a royal nectar of blackcurrant, a heart of black and creamy woods, intensified with modern chypre, Armani Sì Huile de Parfum offers you a long lasting scent, that’s highly concentrated for a deeper Sì fragrance journey.


Placed delicately on the pulse points, where the blood flows close to the surface and warms the skin, Sì Huile de Parfum wraps women in a subtle and persistent trail.

Apply it behind the ears, on the nape of the neck, in the hollow of the throat, on the chest, in the crease of the elbow, on the wrists, on the lower back, or behind the knees.

Wear it alone, or use Sì Huile de Parfum as a base to create your own, unique fragrance experience, by simply layering it with any of the other three Armani Sì scents.

A tailor Made Ritual

SÌ TO DREAM by layering Sì Huile de Parfum with Sì Eau de Toilette to create a tender touch that’s like your second skin

SÌ TO MYSELF by layering Sì Huile de Parfum with Sì Eau de Parfum to create a denser, more enveloping scent

SÌ TO LOVE by layering Sì Huile de Parfum with Sì Eau de Parfum Intense to create a warmer, more sensual experience

Sì Huile de Parfum is alcohol-free and will not dry the skin – making it a perfect scent for summer, and beautiful days spent lazing on the sand.

Sì Huile de Parfum retails at R1 395 (30ml) and will launch, exclusively at Stuttafords stores this October.


* Vernus P., Chants d’amour de l’Egypte antique, Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1992.
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