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Ten Local Celebs Bare All #EdgarsSeasonSorted

Edgars is rounding up the laughs and saving the festive season with their hilarious, tell-all campaign, #EdgarsSeasonSorted!

Ten local celebs share non-stop laughs and open up – but it’s not all what you’d expect – and it’s been captured on camera…


Watch Them Talk About Their Best Feature

In this video, Edgars asked celebs like Siv Ngesi, Jimmy Nevis, Jon Boynton-Lee, Lalla Hirayama, DJ Warras and Ayanda MVP what they thought was their best feature.


Can you guess what they said?

See how they responded in this fun video

Gift Wrapping Games

Good idea: Wrapping your prezzies ahead of time,
Bad idea: Doing it blindfolded.


Watch DJ Warras and Siv Ngesi wrap it like it’s hot in this video

Kissing Under the Mistletoe

And for laughs, check out this hilarious take on kissing under the mistletoe!


Siv Ngesi, Lalla Hirayama, Ayanda MVP, DJ Warras, Janez Vermeiren, Pearl Modiadie and Jimmy Nevis dish out smooches ranging from naughty to nice in this video clip.

For more festive fun, go behind the scenes and laugh off those festive giggles with the full collection of #EdgarsSeasonSorted clips and follow them on Facebook.


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