Ignite The Spark with the Queen of Flowers

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then surely the way to a woman’s heart is through roses! Roses say I love you, roses say you’re beautiful, roses can lift your mood in a matter of seconds, and I can’t think of a single woman who doesn’t feel that warm fuzzy feeling when presented with a bouquet of beautiful roses.

Their scent, their beauty, their meaning, roses are the flame, the very essence that ignite the spark.

I recently shared with you gals the beautiful Lux Soft Touch collection. A luxuriously decadent, and affordable range of blissful bath and shower products that are made using fine fragrance, with the main note focused around the alluring French Rose.


Lux are on a mission to help you ignite the spark, feel the passion and get your heart filled with love. And it starts with a single, decadent bath that will give your skin a delicate whiff of French Rose. Infused with SilkEssence and almond oil to create a fragrance that’s sure to ignite sizzling hot moments.

For today, I wanted to share with you gals some fun, fabulous facts about roses that you may not have known. I sure learnt a thing or two along the way and feel more inspired to ignite the spark.

Rose bushes can survive for hundreds, almost thousands of years. One of the oldest living rose bushes in the world thrives in Germany. A blissful, beautiful, out of this world rose shrub that covers the walls of the Cathedral of Hildesheim.

Known as the Tausendjähriger Rosenstock, which in German, literally translates to Thousand Years Rosebush is believed to be the oldest rose bush in the world, reported to be over 700 years old.

To give you an idea of its majesty, the Cathedral of Hildesheim walls are about 21 meters high and 9 meters wide. The Tausendjähriger Rosenstock climbs the wall, about 10 meters high.

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around that, let’s talk romance.

And who better to tell you about romance than the king of swagger, the seducer of words and one of the greatest poets ever to have lived, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare referenced roses in over fifty of his writings. My personal favourite:

I have seen roses damask’d, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks…
Sonnet 130

Roses are the most loved blooms. Even if a woman has “her favourite” flower, she will almost always be delighted to fill her space and her senses with roses. It’s no wonder then that the biggest reported sale of or roses happens on Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas.

As the centrepiece of Lux  Soft Touch, the elegant and feminine French Rose is the perfect symbol of love with its characteristically sensual and captivating notes that inspire women around the world to ignite the spark in their lives!

Back in the middle ages, the rich and famous would bathe in luxurious waters filled with rose petals and rose oils. Today, the same beautiful spark can be achieved with Lux Soft Touch Body Wash. A body wash that smells every bit as decadent, luxurious and blissful as a bouquet of fresh French roses.

According to the French Master Perfumer, Calice Becker who created Lux’s mesmerising Soft Touch collection, roses are by far the best notes and have the ability to harmonise with hundreds of different ingredients. With Soft Touch, French Rose is layered with notes of freesia, jasmine and mimosa to create a captivating scent.

The colour of roses can have different meanings, and are a great way to convey a message without any words. Red represents love, respect and passion while Pink roses are a symbol of grace, appreciation and gratitude.

Yellow roses signify friendship, while White roses symbolise love and happiness. Lavender roses are a symbol of enchantment, while Orange roses signify passion and desire.

What colour rose do you fancy?

And lastly, for a fun little bit of Rose facts, the number of roses you receive (or send) can also have a significant meaning. A single rose on a stem could mean that you are the one. Two roses means deeply in love, and three roses means I Love You.

Each stem has a meaning. From a single rose all the way to 1001 roses (whoa). If you receive 1001 rose stems your significant other believes in infinite love and that your love will live on forever!

To read each meaning, check out this fun article over here

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