L.A Sunrise

Getting excited as the new, 2016 Spring Makeup Collection from Chanel, L.A Sunrise launches this month on the 22nd January 2016. It’s a gorgeous collection that captures the flamboyant colours and overflowing energy of California.

The sun has barely risen over the bay,
but a radiant glow already stretches over
the distinctive architecture and greenery of Los Angeles.
At the break of dawn, the sky lights up,
the horizon is tinged with multiple shades,
the ocean is saturated with pigments and the façades
of buildings sparkle with shimmering reflections…
Every color looks more vibrant and expressive
in the exhilarating light of spring.

The lineup is spectacular; with colours so bright, vibrant and energetic, they’ll have you California Dreaming!



For the Complexion…

The beautiful, limited edition Sunkiss Ribbon Exclusive Creation in The Awakening of Radiance (R885) features interlaced ribbons of fuchsia pink, soft coral, intense red, coppery beige and fresh pink to mimmic the Californian sky, illuminated with the first glimmers of dawn.

For the Eyes…

One beautiful, limited edition eye palette Les 4 Ombres in 262 Tisse Beverly Hills (R775) captures eyes lost in a sea of blue. With a burst of turquoise, inspired by the Californian blues of the ocean combined with the wide open, blue sky. The palette also includes a radiant mauve to light up the eyes, and pearlescent slivery beige to soften it. Then a burst of deep purple, as deep as the ocean adds a sophisticated touch.

Three beautiful Illusion D’Ombre (R475) cream shadows, two being limited edition are introduced to the collection, transfigured under the spotlight of the sun.

The rosy beige Moonlight Pink (limited edition) adds a glimmer of endless sparkles. Golden radiance stays vibrant at all times with Griffith Green, while Ocean Light (limited edition), saturated with powerful pigments, dazzles and accentuates eyes with an intense blue.


This is ILLUSION D’OMBRE in Ocean Light. A beautiful, bold blue!

 A trio of intense, STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF LINERS (R370 each) aim to create that enhanced line of the West Coas’s energy. Purple Choc offers a deep purple tone, Fervent Blue rides the crests of the waves with the surfers and Pacific Green, flecked with gold, captures the vegetation of the canyons.

And a new, limited edition LE VOLUME DE CHANEL mascara (R485) in Ardent Purple creates a panoramic and hypnotic row of lashes, more daring than black, Ardent Purple recalls the originality of Californian artists.


For the Lips

Three beautiful, vibrant shades of ROUGE COCO SHINE (R505 each) create a magnetic smile! Shipshape gives the lips a burst of an energetic orange, Mightyan exalting pink and Energy offers an intense raspberry.


A bright, beautiful Pink. CHANEL ROUGE COCO SHINE in Mighty


An Intense Raspberry. CHANEL ROUGE COCO SHINE in Energy

For the Nails

One single, limited edition LE VERNIS nail colour in Sunrise Trip (R365) will leave your nails glistening, all day in the shimmers of the sunshine. Not quite purple, and not exactly blue it’s the perfect balance of the two.

Such a gorgeous collection! Love, Love, Love!

Dimi Ingle

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