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Les Beiges Healthy Glow

Oh, la la! I’m excited about the new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation from Chanel, and pretty soon everyone will be able to get their hands on it as it launches at Chanel Counters nationwide from the 17th February 2016.

It’s no secret that French women are all about natural beauty. They are all about style, sophistication and class, where makeup serves only as a tool to accentuate her features, without disguising her beauty. And that’s exactly what Les Beiges is all about. Natural, healthy, glowing skin that looks like skin, only a little more polished.


In creating this foundation, the CHANEL Laboratories studied the specific characteristics of a natural healthy glow. Their analysis led to the creation of the Healthy Glow Booster – a singular titanium dioxide that absorbs light rays to reflect their white component and transmit their red component through the skin to reflect on the surface. The result – a fresh and slightly rosy halo.

This very unique mineral pigment is joined by carefully selected soft focus powders to even out and embellish the complexion with a sheer finish, leaving the complexion simply enhanced with the most natural sophistication.

This foundation really is the perfect, natural looking skin enhancer. I was surprised that it offered a decent amount of coverage that evened out my skin tone. I still needed some concealer to further hide my more pronounced darker areas, but all in all, a winner!

It’s designed to be applied using no tools (so no brushes, blenders etc) all you need is your fingertips for a perfect, evened out application. Since I like more coverage, I tried it with my flat foundation brush and found it to be the ideal application for me. So my advice would be to try different application methods until you find your fit – and that applies to any foundation. Even with my foundation brush, I was able to buff out the edges (using the tip of my brush) and it looked flawless and well blended.

The thing I love about this foundation (applied with fingers or my brush) is how it seemed to stick to my skin, which is thanks to a unique polymer within the formula that resists sweat and sebum. It didn’t feel heavy and best of all, it wasn’t sliding off my face even in this extreme heat we’ve been having. I’m a bit on the oily side, especially on my T-Zone and foundation often feels like it’s sliding off even straight after I apply it, but this one stayed put.

That for me is a huge plus! The other thing about this foundation is that I don’t have to powder. I’m not a fan of powdering my nose or so to speak. I just find powder makes me look ashy and weird, so I prefer my foundation to wear off naturally and I can touch it up if needed. I hardly needed to touch up this one as even when it wore down, it still looked pretty good.

The finish is beautiful, sheer and glowy without looking overly dewy but still maintaining a natural, healthy radiance.

Underneath the makeup, the addition of hyaluronic acid in Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated all day long. Plus the added benefit of SPF 20, ensures your skin stays protected.


Previously Les Beiges fluid foundation came in a tube, the new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation comes in a beautiful, frosted glass bottle, that fits the elegance and class of the Chanel brand. And I love the pump applicator which doesn’t waste foundation and you could keep it in your travel bag or makeup bag without the risk of spillage.

Price wise, you’re looking at R785 for a 30ml bottle and a little goes a long way. For fuller coverage (which is what I tend to go for), I applied one pump to my forehead and one to each cheek and then blended all three over my entire face. For a more natural finish, one to two pumps will be more than enough for each application.

In terms of colour, I am 40 BEIGE in all my Chanel foundations (including the Chanel CC cream) and happy that No 40 in Les Beiges was a perfect fit! When I first swatched it I thought that 40 may have been a little dark, but I’m really glad that I stuck to my 40’s as 30 would have been too light for me. My suggestion, if you’re a Chanel foundation lover, try Les Beiges in your exact Chanel foundation colour at the counter, wear it on your face and see if you’re happy with the shade. Don’t make the mistake of going lighter. If you’re testing the shade on the back of your hand, for some reason LEs Beiges looks darker than the same shade code of a different Chanel foundation, but trust me when I say, wear it on your face and then decide.


Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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  1. Karen
    March 8, 2016 / 9:58 pm

    Definitely going to check this out. im curious though, what shade do you normally wear in MAC foundation? Im also olive-y and foundations temd to look too brown on my skin,

    • March 9, 2016 / 1:21 pm

      Hi Karen. It’s a beautiful foundation! I am sure you will love it!

      I use NC 37 in MAC. I know, us olive skinned girls have a tough time finding our shade! I was always told to use MAC NW25 which always looked so strange on me, until I went to Greece and the girl there gave me the right colour. She gave me NC40 which was perfect, but I was a lot darker then, so and the NC 37 is spot on!

      I must say though, that with Chanel, the Beige 40 in all of their variations are all perfect for me. I don’t find that they leave a muddy tone like a lot of “beige” foundations.

      Hope this helps

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