Inglot’s Pantone 2016 Colour Collection

The Pantone 2016 colours; Rose Quartz and Serenity are probably one of my best colour palettes! The combo of a soft, sparkly pink combined with a pale sky blue are just beautiful!!! If you’re looking to include this gorgeous colour combo in your makeup, Inglot have some pretty, pretty Pantone 2016 colours that I’m sure you’ll love…

These two eye shadow shades from the Inglot Freedom System are soft and pretty. The blue is shade 369 while the rosey pink is shade 488.


I really wanted to love these, and while I do love the rose quartz shade, the serenity blue is a bit too pale for my olive skin complexion. However, if you’re a fair skinned lass, I think this blue is more up your alley and a great colour to have.

I like the rose quartz shade to create a subtle brow sparkle as the formula has just a touch of shimmer without making shimmery – know what I mean?


Okay, so I own more nail polish than I need, but I’m always open to trying out a new colour, or for that matter, adding a zillionth-and-one shade to my collection. Because pretty paws make me happy!

This perfect shade of Serenity from Inglot’s Breathable Nail Enamel line is absolutely gorgeous! I love, love, love it!

It’s a blue with a subtle touch of purple that offers brilliant colour. The shade is 700 and totally worth checking out if you’re into blues or just pretty nails.


I also love the lipstick for this collection (shade 415)!

It’s a super matte formula that provides a long lasting finish!

I’m a huge fan of MAC Pink Plaid which is one of my best pinky nude shades, and I think this Inglot lipstick is a pretty close match.

Love, Love, Love!

Dimi Ingle

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