Day & Night Skin Absolute With Filorga

Filorga is a French skincare brand that has always had my heart. Since my very first touch of Time Filler, I’ve been converted to this smart, savvy, anti-aeging skincare range!

In 2014, they introduced the night cream of all night creams with the launch of Skin Absolute Night Cream, a unique, black night cream powered with Meteorite Extract! This year, following from the success of Skin Absolute Night, Filorga have introduced this night cream’s perfect, harmonious companion – a daytime equivalent with the new Skin-Absolute Day Ultimate Rejuvenating Cream.

This day cream just launched and is available right now, but I got an early sneak peek into it, and have been using it every day since early December. I even used it in my pre and post laser skincare routine and absolutely love it!


Inspired from anti-ageing light technologies, Filorga Skin Absolute Day gives you a 360-degree anti-ageing effect, by providing actions that create a visible impact on wrinkles, firmness, skin tone, radiance and skin texture.

Being in my thirties, all of these are a concern for me so it’s great to find a day cream that has and does it all!

Before I get into all the techie stuff for you skin buffs out there, let me just say that this day cream is glorious! A lot of day creams that I’ve used, for me at least, feel very watery and slippery, while Filorga Skin Absolute Day has the most beautiful texture that feels moisturizing, without making my skin look shiny or faux glossy. It’s almost like I can feel the moisture from the inside rather than having a superficial layer of moisture sitting on top of my skin, if you know what I mean?

This for me is quite a big thing, because while I get the importance of skincare (and trust me, I take it very seriously), in the mornings I don’t have time to sit around and wait for my moisturizer to “absorb” completely before I go ahead and apply foundation. With Filorga Skin Absolute Day I literally only need a minute before the formula is completely absorbed.

On my skin it feels great and although my Fraxel Laser treatment has played a huge, huge role in improving the texture and overall condition of my skin, I feel that I am only taking it even further by feeding my skin with quality products that will keep my skin looking flawless.

And it’s paying off! Last weekend my hubby’s friends girlfriend (that I met for the first time) thought we were the same age. She’s in her twenties How freaking awesome! I don’t mind being (or looking) 10 years younger and who would really?

Here’s a quick look at the stand out ingredients in Filorga Skin Absolute Day Cream:

Accelerated Multi Correction Extremozymes extracted from sea bacteria that transforms light rays into energy in order to survive and grow. The extracted Extremozymes are used in the same way to transform light rays into energy and help to accelerate cellular functioning and correct the aeging process by reinforcing the elastic mesh of the skin to provide firmer, smoother skin.

Illuminating Detox Action with fructan extracts that calm the complexion and regulate skin tone, combined with white sapphire extract to attract light and maximise the skin’s natural radiance. The combination of these two ingredients is said to create an immediate luminous blur-effect, regardless of external lighting. Plus within 28 days the skin’s tone is improved.

Long Lasting Anti Aeging Repair Action through Photolyase, an enzyme found on the ocean surface that is able to renew itself, and in Filorga Skin Absolute Day it is able to catalyse daylight to activate the DNA mechanisms in the skin, while boosting them and helping to block ageing at the source.

Absolute Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid + Filorga’s patented NCTF offers high hydration and instant penetration without leaving a sticky feeling. The Hyaluronic Acid provides a plumping effect while NCTF offers a multi-revitalizing solution of more than 50 ingredients that redensifes the dermis and reinforces skin tone.

Triple Protection UV + Infrared + Pollution offering a 360-degree protection factor against UV, infrared as well as pollution.


For even better results and for a complete anti-aeging skincare regime, up your night time routine with the amazing Filorga Skin Absolute Night Cream. You can read my feature on it here.

You can find both Filorga Skin Absolute Day Cream and Filorga Skin Absolute Night Cream at selected Edgars, Red Square Stores and salons. For a full list of stockists, visit or call them on 012-548-0725.

Price wise you’re looking at R1790.00 for a 50ml jar of Skin Absolute Day Cream. Pricey, but well worth it if you want beautiful skin that’s beautifully cared for.

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