Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo & Le Duo Vernis Longue Tenue

Good morning gals! Today I’m really jumping the gun, but I am that excited about these new launches from Chanel, coming our way in April! I just couldn’t wait to tell you about them!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Chanel nail polishes. Since I can remember, they have always had the best formulations with seriously solid colour that doesn’t require a bazillion layers. But times have changed, and while Chanel is still top of my list, other nail polish brands have really upped their game in terms of formulation and long lasting colour.


That’s why I’m really glad that Chanel upped their game too! And if you, like me thought the previous (and current) Chanel nail polishes were the bees-knees, then their brand new LE VERNIS formula is about to blow your socks off!

They’ve re-formulated the cult beauty accessory and paired it with a LE GEL COAT to give you a super long wear, 6 day hold!

I paint my nails all the time, and I don’t usually keep a colour on for 6 days, but it’s nice to know that I can! What I love, love, love is how solid, bright and pigmented my nail colour looks with LE VERNIS LONGUE TENUE and then the LE GEL COAT gives them that super shiny effect, reminiscent of gel (without the hassle of going into have your gel done).

I was wearing one of the new shades called Rouge Essentiel and had a lady ask me who did my “gel nails”. I was like “it’s actually nail polish” and she was gobsmacked! I don’t blame her though. My nails looked seriously amazing with the most beautiful, elegant glossy finish. Just like gel – but not gel, and best of all, it took me less than 10 minutes to do – myself!

The new formula of LE VERNIS LONGUE TENUE is also “safer”; being free of styrene and low in phenol, so you can paint away without worrying.

There are 11 brand new colours as well as 4 reformulated cult shades including; Pirate, Rouge Noir (my favourite), Ballerina and Particulière.


The 11 new colours are inspired by the CHANEL wardrobe and include; 500 Rouge Essentiel a vibrant red, 504 Organdi a natural beige, 506 Camélia a lively raspberry pink, 508 Shantung a raspberry red, 510 Gitane a bright poppy orange, 512 Mythique a deep burgundy, 514 Roubachka an intense purple, 516 Marinière an intense blue, 518 Chaîne Or a luminous gold, recalling the chains of the quilted bags, 520 Garçonne a daring verdigris and 522 Monochrome a crystalline gray.

Whew! So many pretty colours! I’m dying for Organdi, Mythique, Marinière and Garçonne!

And what goes better than perfectly manicured tips? Well, beautiful lips of course!


Also launching in April, CHANEL is bringing out a perfect lip colour for women who don’t want to choose between colour, shine and lip care! That’s what ROUGE COCO STYLO is for, the perfect companion to LE VERNIS, which together will co-author a new chapter in colour and a unique signature.

In one easy step, this lipstick pen accentuates a style and a personality to match every mood and colour.


Personally I love the STYLO eyeshadow pens from CHANEL and so glad that they have a version for lips too. They are perfect for travelling, and fit into your clutch purse for easy on the g0 touchups.

The formula feels great on the lips – not drying, not sticky, just natural and moisturizing. And they last pretty well! Mine lasted for a good five or so hours.


There are 8 luminous shades, and each one named after a theme of writing. How adorbs?

202 Conte a fresh, tender and delicate pink. 204 Article a bright, luminous coral. 206 Histoire a fresh, vibrant and intense red. 208 Roman a lively, smoldering fuchsia pink. 212 Récit a deep purple. 214 Message a brownish rosewood. 216 Lettre a soft and subtle rosewood. 218 Script a discreet and natural nude.


This colour is 214 Message – such a beautiful rosy, brown and quite honestly, my new found, favourite “red”.



  • LE VERNIS LONGUE TENUE nail polish R365.00
  • LE GEL COAT R365.00

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