Save Water! #1DayOn10Liters

On Tuesday this week was World Water Day and together with a whole lot of other bloggers and influencers, Giorgio Armani challenged us to take part in the #1DayOn10Liters online awareness campaign. In a nutshell, the challenge was about using only 10 liters of water for just one day to do everything we’d normally do, from cooking to cleaning to drinking and washing.

It was a tough one, but I actually managed quite well on my 10 liters. I managed to wash both my hair and myself (body and teeth), drink 1 cup of coffee, 2 cups of tea, make lunch and I still had more than half my allowance left. We went to a movie premiere that night (#BatmanVSuperman) so I didn’t have to cook, but I think I’d have been ok on my allowance.

It’s amazing how far you can make 10 liters go when you have to.

The challenge really opened up my eyes to how much water we consume. It’s so easy to open the tap and not think about it. When you brush your teeth for example, you let the water run while you brush and check your pores in the mirror. When you’re showering, while the water is running over you, your thoughts are on other things and not how much water you’re actually consuming. When you cook, you drain your water in the zinc and when you need more water you just twist the tap again and out it flows. The same goes with flushing the toilet – we just flush everything and not think twice about it!

I don’t think we actually realise how privileged we are to have access to clean running water until you don’t have it anymore! In many places water is scarce and so many are limited to this natural element that should be available for every human being.

That’s what Giorgio Aramani’s global #AcquaForLife campaign is all about! And by donating you can help build water systems in new Acqua for Life communities in Brazil and Qishu, China. Find out how you can donate to this cause here.

This campaign has motivated me to be more aware of water wastage, and hopefully you will stop and think next time you open a tap as well! My absolute pet hate is when I go to a shopping centre toilet and people just leave the taps running! It drives me in-friggin-sane!

Even if right now, you have clean running water at your fingertips, there is no reason to waste it! I’m not telling you to stay stinky or die of thirst, merely just trying to encourage you to be more conscious about water wastage and find ways to make your water go further. If you’re really up for it, you can try the challenge for yourself and you will understand how privileged you really are.

Here’s how I made my 10L of water go further…


I’ll be honest, “Basin Bathing” was very time consuming and a pain in the neck (literally), but I managed to use so little water as apposed to what I would have used in the bath or shower. With one basin (half) full, I managed to wash my hair, my body and my teeth plus use the used water to flush the loo!

I plugged the basin and filled it with a bit of warm water (not too much), then I stuck my head in (upside down) to get my hair wet. I applied shampoo, worked it in and rinsed with clean water using a mixing bowl to pour. Then I conditioned and rinsed again.

While my “hair water” was still in the basin, I used a face cloth and soap to pretty much clean the rest of my body. I have to wash my hair daily as its so fine, so it never gets to the point of being “filthy” therefore cleaning myself in my hair water was acceptable to me. I did double cleanse though with baby wipes – just in case haha.

Then I brushed my teeth and spat out my toothpastey water into the same basin water. Of course, I used clean water (from a cup) to brush my teeth in case you’re wondering. Once I was all done with my basin bath, I used the jug to catch the basin water and poured it into the cistern of the toilet.

ways-to-save-water-tipsI switched my toilet taps off, so I was only flushing with the water that was part of my “allowance” which really went a long way!

It’s quite scary to think how much water we waste through flushing. One of my twitter followers shared a great tip “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down!


For lunch, I made a super water-saving-friendly meal’ 2 Minute Noodles! I warmed just 250ml water in my kettle and that’s all I needed for my lunch. I like to drain my noodles so they are dry (I know some people eat them soggy, but that aint me), so I drained the water into a bowl, let it cool down and then watered my little herb garden with that water.

Waste not want not!


Here are some more water saving tips I found during my #1DayOn10Liters challenge: 

  • Don’t let the tap run while you’re not using the running water. For instance, lets take brushing teeth… turn the tap on, wet your toothbrush then turn the water off while you’re brushing! When you’re finished brushing, turn the tap back on and off again once you’re done rinsing.
  • Flushing the toilet takes a huge amount of water. Clean water that literally just gets flushed down the drain! You don’t need to flush every time you use the little girls room.
  • Bathing takes up a ton of water! Showering uses a little less. If you must bath, try to use your dirty bath water to water your plants, or use it to fill the cistern in your loo. Find where the drain to your bathwater runs out and you can use a bucket to “catch the water” there. In the shower, you can place a bucket inside and let it “catch” water while you’re showering. There is no need to waste it.
  • I’m obsessive about washing hands as many of you are I am sure. Stock up on Dettol Waterless Hand Sanitzier. A small amount of this cleans and sanitizes your hands – no need to use clean running water each and every time you wash your hands.
  • On your face use Micellar Cleansers instead of water. My favourite is Filorga Micellar  Solution Cleanser and for something really affordable try the Garnier Cleansing Waters.
  • If you don’t have to wash your hair every day, dont! Use dry shampoo’s to “freshen it up” and keep it tied up in a pony tail on day 2.
  • Use your “used” cooking water to water your plants. When you drain your food that’s been cooked in boiled water, let it cool down and then give it to your plants. They will probably love the nutrients as well.
  • Be conscious of water wastage all the time. If you see a tap running for no reason, turn it off! If you see someone wasting water, make them aware of it in a nice, polite way – although most of the time, you really just want to slap their head off!


You can get more tips from all the challengers who took part and gain insight into how far they made their 10 liters go. Just search for these three hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: #1DayOn10Liters, #AcquaForLife and #HelpGiveWater.

I’d also love it if you shared your water saving tips in the comments section below.

And lastly, a big thank you to my friend Jo-D, who took on the challenge with me! Check out her Twitter Feed @jodes_d to see how she did.

Let’s work together to save water!

Dimi Ingle

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