Bonjour from “Paris”

Hey Gals! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and that you’ve been enjoying the super short work weeks and all holidays we’ve been having. I celebrated my birthday the day before Human Rights day and I did so in style, in “Paris”.

I’m saying “Paris” in inverted commas since I actually didn’t go to Paree-Paree, but a really cool, lets call it mini Paris, less than 100 kilometers outside of Jozi.


French Toast Coffee Cafe, situated in Harties (Hartbeespoort) is the cutest little version of Paris that you could possibly imagine. Disclaimer; I’ve never been to Paris before, but I could totally trick my imagination into thinking I was there. The whole vibe felt very European.




We booked a table outside where we could watch the friendly ducks splashing in the wishing pond and enjoyed a beautiful view of the replica, 12.5m Eiffel Tower peeking out in the background.


The replica Eiffel Tower is quite something, and makes for a great photograph backdrop. Along the sides of the bridge leading to the Eiffel Tower is another Parisian touch – the lock bridge where you can seal your love  much like the infamous Pont des Arts Paris Bridge.




While the food is great – with tons of “French Toast” menu options to choose from and lots more (like burgers and breakfasts), I wouldn’t say it’s the place to go if you want a quick meal en route to another destination. It’s a place you’d go to specifically to spend the day – just make sure you book in advance!


I believe they only accept bookings until 10am – after which, it’s queuing for a table – and trust me,  there was practically a queue building the whole time we were there.

The atmosphere is lovely and the food divine, but don’t expect speedy service. If you’re like myself and half the South African population, you’ll need to leave your expectation of fast service at home. Once you get to French Toast Coffee Cafe, it’s best to pretend like you’re in Europe. Laid back and on holiday!






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Dimi Ingle
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