As I get older, I’m starting to focus a lot more on caring for my hands! I’ve always been quite diligent about looking after the skin on my face to “age gracefully” and keep my skin looking its best, but hands that are not looked after in the same manner, give away your age!

That’s why I’m rather excited about Filorga’s new HAND-ABSOLUTE; the ultimate rejuvenation cream for hands and nails!

Filorga HAND-ABSOLUTE is a hand cream that has been created specifically to look after your hands, and give them a manicure-like effect with four targeted actions in one:

  1. It helps to repair your hands and give your skin nutrition
  2. It helps to firm and plump thinning, wrinkled skin
  3. It helps to clarify and brighten the skin tone of your hands
  4. It helps to strengthen your nails and stimulate nail growth

filorga-hand-absolute-review-south-afican-beauty-blog-stylescoopIn all fairness, my hands aren’t looking too bad, but then again I’m only 35. Still, I want them to look even younger and well cared for, especially as I get older!

One thing I noticed about using Filorga Hand-Absolute is that my hands really did look “plumped up”. I’ve always had wrinkly palms – since I was a kid which always made me feel a bit ancient. Using this cream definitely helps them look less wrinkly, which is an added bonus to how soft and supple they feel after I apply HAND-ABSOLUTE.

I love using hand cream, but I can’t stand it when my hands are greasy and leave grubby marks on everything I touch. Filorga’s HAND-ABSOLUTE soaks into my skin almost instantly without leaving a filmy texture, LOVE!

It also keeps my hands hydrated all day long. It’s packed with 1% Filorga plant sugar which increases the capacity of the skin cells to trap water and limits water loss caused by environmental factors. The plant sugar also provides 72-hour hand hydration even after repeated hand washing! How awesome is that!?

Other ingredients that make this hand cream amazing include;

  • Shea butter, Cocoa Butter and Urea with help to repair and heal dry and damaged skin.
  • A Volumising Lipoamino Acid that fills and reshapes thin and hollowed areas of the skin.
  • Collagen (of marine origin) that has a structure which is identical to that of the skin, to provide a smoothing effect.
  • A rare Sea Lilly extract which has a whitening effect and the ability to slow down the synthesis of melanin up to 73%.
  • sulphur-rich nourishing  complex which visibly improves nail quality and increases nail growth.

What more could you ask for in a hand cream?

I also love the the applicator. The “lid” doesn’t come off, but rather twists to open, allowing you to squeeze out the product and then twist it back when you’re done. This also makes it easy to target the product onto your nails and cuticles if you really want to give your hands all the loving care they deserve.

I’ve been using Filorga HAND-ABSOLUTE for about a week now and love it to bits! I can’t wait try it out with Filorga’s other handy product, Filorga Hand Filler – which is an amazing mask-glove hand treatment that’s a real treat to use because it works its magic while you get on with your day! You can check out my review on Filorga Hand Filler, here.

I’m so in love with HAND-ABSOLUTE, I feel like I need multiple tubes; one to keep in my car, one in my handbag and one for my desk so that I always have a helping hand on hand 😛

Price: R400 for 50ml
Get it from: Selected Edgars and Red Square stores. For stockist info, check out the Filorga Website or chat to them on Twitter @FilorgaSA

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  1. Mary
    April 19, 2016 / 1:40 pm

    Sounds marvelous! Just what I need! Definitely going to try it out.

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