The Hypnotic new YSL BLACK OPIUM Nuit Blanche

Let the alchemy of an endless night begin… Say hello to the new BLACK OPIUM NUIT BLANCHE fragrance from YSL! An unexpected take of its predecessor from 2014, BLACK OPIUM EAU DE PARFUM, the new fragrance, BLACK OPIUM NUIT BLANCHE offers the promise of an electric night, where anything can happen!


When this new addition, the third chapter in the BLACK OPIUM tale landed on my desk, I knew I would like it straight away!

While different from the original BLACK OPIUM EDP, BLACK OPIUM NUIT BLANCHE is still very much an addictive, electric and hypnotic scent.

It’s a little sweeter than the original and more luminous, but still has that addictive coffee note that makes me fall in love with it all over again!

BLACK OPIUM NUIT BLANCHE opens with top notes of Rice and Bourbon Pepper. It has an addictive heart comprised of Coffee and Orange Blossom, with dry down notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood and White Musk.

Similar notes from the original Black Opium include Orange Blossom, that addictive Coffee bean and Vanilla! Vanilla remains at the base of this new fragrance and the Coffee heart merges with Orange Blossom instead of Jasmine, giving it a juicy seduction.

The overall combination creates a sweeter, more vibrant fragrance that, while still a sexy scent, can be worn day and night.

The bottle of the new BLACK OPIUM NUIT BLANCHE is shaped exactly like the original, the only difference is the rose gold shimmers on the bottle and the rose gold cap, which perfectly emanate the luminosity of the scent. The juice is sparked with a pink tinge to represent the pinky white colour of dawn.

A fragrance perfectly suited to wear from dusk until dawn!


If you’re in the mood for a new fragrance, and one that will work perfectly to sweeten up the winter chill, then give this one a sniff.

If you like the original Black Opium, I’m pretty certain you’ll love this one too! Different, yet similar, enchanting yet edgy!

Take a trip through the NIGHT, he said.
Party with us, they said. Instructions?
Not my thing. Let the journey begin.
For a little while, or forever.

Let it be endless, sleepless. A rush of sheer PLEASURE. Coursing through my veins.

Seeing in the dawn a blinding light.
An electric city. MY WHITE NIGHT.

YSL BLACK OPIUM NUIT BLANCHE launches this month, in April 2016 and is available in a 30ml EDP (R830.00) 50ml EDP (R 1 140) and 90ml EDP (R 1 500)

Dimi Ingle

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